20 Years serving the aquatic community
Can you believe it? We have been online providing Saltwater hobbyist a great source of products and information for 20 years now. We went online in 1996. We were one of the first online saltwater stores on the internet, if not the first. Back in 1996, there was hardly anything out there. It's a tough business, but very enjoyable and we have endured for 20 years by providing great products, great service and great prices. 

One thing that made our company successful over the years was email support. Back in 1996, you were lucky to get a response from any company via email, or maybe a week or two later. That was always a priority of mine was to answer emails in a timely fashion. To this day, i personally still see every email that comes into our server and still answer a good majority of them. I've always strived to keep a person touch with all of our customers. To this day, don't be surprised to get an email response back from me over the weekend or middle of the night. Sometimes I just can't help it.

We want to thank each and every one of our customers through the years to make this 20th anniversary possible. Without you, we would not be here.

To celebrate this milestone we are having some great specials through out the month. So be sure to watch our emails closely this month, each week we will have more specials and tributes to some special vendors.

Our first 3 tributes go to ESV, CPR and Liverock. These 3 items have been with us from day one of opening the shop.

Thank You,

Jason Frey
Owner, Premium Aquatics, Inc

ESV - The Original 2-Part Calcium & Alk 
ESV was our very first line of additives, from iodine to calcium. They were the first to come out with the 2-part Calcium/Alk Buffer system. We have seen many other products come and go on the market. Many of these products with big dollars on advertising, super nice fancy product labels, etc but ESV has endured just like us. We like to think for the same reason, they are a very good small business that cares about there customers. They make excellent products and maintain the highest standards. To this day, ESV is one of our most popular selling additives and we hope it continues to be for years to come. 

We are offering a 15% DISCOUNT on all ESV products during our 20year anniversary celebration.

CPR Aquatics 
CPR was one of our first skimmer, wet/dry and overflow brands we picked up. Back in the 90's and early 2000's it really was rare to have a pre-drilled tank. So overflow boxes to create a sump under the tank was a must, or going with a hang-on-back skimmer. The CPR Bakpak was the #1 selling HOB for many years. It's still around today, although not as popular now so many people have access to Reef Ready tanks. It's still an easy to use and well built skimmer. Pretty much toss on the back and plug it in. We don't carry as much CPR items as we did years ago, but still feel honored to have CPR's on our shelf.

We are offering a 15% DISCOUNT on all CPR products April 7th through 14th. 

Premium Live ROCK

For over 20 years we have been supplying hobbyist the best live rock in the industry. This is because we treat live rock just like our precious fish and corals, as "live" rock. Our live rock goes into large saltwater pools with heavy skimming, great lighting and massive water circulation. We learned most of our techniques for keeping great live rock from a true pioneer in the business. His name was Gary Meadows, a total Fish Geek that just happen to be an Engineer by trade. Gary & Joy from Harbor Aquatics back in 1996 would air ship large crates of premium FIJI island live rock in and store in his massive 1000 gallon pools inside his custom built greenhouse. The results were incredible live rock. Back in the day, the grade "premium" fiji meant the live rock was 95% coralline covered. You couldn't hardly find a bad piece. We would drive down to Harbor Aquatics and cherry pic us a van load every week and sell online. We quickly become one of the largest resellers of Premium Live rock on the internet. Unfortunately Gary passed away suddenly at a Macna convention and this great resource for not only the best rock and corals was lost. (We still miss you Gary) We still use some of the techniques Gary taught us many years ago today. 

Live rock types and grades have changed quite a bit over the years. Fiji rock is not available in a super fresh condition anymore and we have since moved to Manado which is one of the freshest rocks we could find and still airship into the country quickly to preserve the life on the rock.

We also picked up Real Reef live rock a couple years ago. It's a man-made rock that is colored and looks very natural. It's still treated as live rock and kept in our rock systems. It's a huge advantage over dry rock since it's colored and will look nice in your tank from day one and slowly be covered with natural coralline algae.

We picked up a dry Pukani rock about a year ago and still offer this today, but we have found starting up a tank with a dry rock can be quite difficult and lead to a lot of algae issues. So we offer Pukani cured as well. It's the same dry rock that has been put into our rock systems for several months. The results are it's clean and full of bacteria and will cycle your tank super fast and won't have as much trouble starting your tank up.

We believe adding these well cured live rocks will start your tank faster and you will have far fewer issues with algae, plus they just look so much nicer than bare white dry rock in your tank.

We are offering a 15% DISCOUNT on Manado rock, Real Reef, and cured Pukani - April 7th through 14th.

We are always here to help, have questions or problems email us sales@premiumaquatics.com or call 317-895-9005. Thank you for being on the Premium Aquatics Newsletter.


Jason Frey, Premium Aquatics
Premium Aquatics, Inc

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