What's your Super Bowl?
by Tiffany Dahlberg
After 17 years, the Denver Broncos won their third  Super Bowl!  As a Colorado resident, I can attest to the excitement of local fans before and especially after the win. In fact, February 8th should have been declared a state holiday since many people never, or barely made it to work after celebrating!  The energy, camaraderie, and pride generated by this single event can't be measured but is signified by an estimated million people showing up for the rally on February 9th.
What is the "Super Bowl" for your business?  If you don't know, could you create one that would encourage innovation, healthy competition, and new found collaboration that would raise the bar, not only within your organization but also for your entire industry?  How could you "win" the "game" and earn the loyalty of raving fans?  What would it mean to your business to be recognized as the best?  And if you did win an award, how do you celebrate and let the world celebrate with you?

When I teach Project Management, I ask how many people close their projects, which includes concluding, celebrating, and evaluating.  Unfortunately, most organizations don't close out their projects, and they rarely celebrate their accomplishments.  The people, who worked so hard on the team, sometimes don't even know the outcomes nor are they recognized for their efforts.  Lessons learned aren't captured and the moment of victory lasts only seconds before you're moving onto the next project.
No wonder employee engagement is at an all-time low of 29% according to  Dale Carnegie!
Create your Super Bowl!  Celebrate your successes!  Engage your team!   Contact me if you want to create a high performing team. 

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