Have a Happier New Year!
by Tiffany Dahlberg
Happy New Year! What makes a year happy? What makes you happy? There are thousands of books and articles asking and then attempting to answer these questions. Here's a simple list of three practices to make your year happier.
  1. Be Grateful.
    Many times resolutions focus on what we don't have instead of being grateful for what we do have. Being grateful has proven biological and psychological benefits. Thinking of at least three things that you are grateful for instantly decreases stress, enhances relationships, and improves your sleep. Start the habit of practicing gratitude every day to boost your happiness. 

  2. Focus on what you want.
    When you want something, focus on what you want
    , not what you don't want. Remember the law of attraction: Focusing on fear, loss, and disappointments get you more of the same. Instead, think positive! Visualize that new raise, your promotion, and successful outcomes. Turn your negatives thoughts to positive self-talk and you'll increase your chances of getting what you want.
  3. Choose happiness.
    Some people have an external locus of control meaning that they think external events impact whether they are happy or not. Since we can't control events, but only our reaction to them, having an external locus of control nearly guarantees that we put our happiness in other people's hands. If you want to be happier, consider choosing an internal locus of control; this allows you to have 100 percent responsibility over your own thoughts and reactions, so you can be happy regardless of what happens. 
To have a Happier New Year practice gratitude, focus on what you want, and choose happiness. You'll only be able to put these practices into place if your beliefs, behaviors, and results support them (to read last month's article, click here). Contact me and let me know if these practices help you to be happier.
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