50% - 300% Greater Individual Productivity?
By Tiffany Dahlberg
Ground Breaking!
On August 20, we broke ground on building our new home in the mountains (see the above picture). This event marked an important and exciting milestone in our project. However, there was a lot of work involved to get to that point. Early on, some people asked "are you going to build the house yourself?"
Although I love to learn and am really interested in how to build a house, my skill is Project Management. That will come in handy as an owner, but I am not an experienced and reputable home builder. Since I value subject matter expertise, I am not building a home by myself for the first time. I have hired a builder because I believe in finding the right person for the right job.
When you decide to apply for a job or a promotion, how do you know if you're the best fit? How many times in your career were you doing work that didn't utilize your strengths and sucked up your energy? Have you ever worked with others who were not performing and were dragging the team and organization down?
You can use science to make better decisions and build a high performance team by accurately predicting job performance. This allows you to be confident that the person you are hiring has the character, behaviors, thinking styles, and interests to perform well on the job BEFORE that person is promoted or hired for that position.
Having the right people in the right positions can yield a 50% - 300% increase in individual productivity. I know by hiring an experienced builder that my productivity will go up and my stress level will go down because I have the right people in the right places on my team. I can't afford to go over budget, miss my finish date, and not meet specifications on my own project. By having the right mix of skills and personalities, I increase my chances of success.
If you're interested in learning more about how science can improve your organization's productivity by 30% - 60%, please contact me.
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