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Three Simple Tips to Stay FOCUSED 
By Tiffany Dahlberg

Last month I delivered four "Managing Multiple Priorities" presentations and four project management training courses.  Although the audiences were different, participants asked the same question: "How do I get projects and my regular work done?"


The most common complaint I hear these days is that people can't focus. If you have implemented the "Seven Ways to Get More out of Days" tip that I shared in last month's newsletter and still have trouble focusing, you may be letting yourself get distracted by technology. One possible cause is some people's preoccupation with email.  Here are three ways to keep email in its place.

1)     Have your calendar open all day - not your email.  Email is a huge distractor, but your calendar will keep you focused on what's next.  Choose specific times to check email, so you can have uninterrupted time to work and watch your productivity skyrocket!

2)     Turn off your email notifications, icons, and messages.  Depending upon how many emails you receive, you could be interrupted 100 times a day with pesky distractions.  Turning these notifications off will keep your focus on your task at hand saving you several minutes of mental ramp up time per interruption to return to your prior attention level.

3)     Put your "to do" list on your calendar by scheduling days and time to work on those tasks.  This will also help you prioritize your activities.  Instead of simply feeling busy at work, you'll know exactly what you've accomplished and have a plan for the rest.


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Control Scope Creep 

As Project Managers, sometimes our need to satisfy our customers comes at the expense of our project scope. In our eagerness to please our stakeholders, our scope can grow out of control, along with costs and time. We must be aware that by adding scope, we can be late and over budget and still upset our customer. 


If you'd like help defining and managing your scope and requirements, please join us for our "Essential Project Management" and "Essential Business Analysis" classes on December 16 and 17 in Denver at the University of Colorado's Auraria campus.  

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"Never begin the day until it is finished on paper." 

- Jim Rohn 

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