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7 Ways to Get More Out of Your Days  
By Tiffany Dahlberg

October is one of my busiest months, so I find myself needing to apply my own time management advice. Luckily it was pretty fresh because on August 27, I had the honor of speaking for Tri-State G&T's "Leaders as Teachers" program.  During my presentation on "Managing Multiple Priorities" I shared 7 Ways to Get More Out of Your Days.


Seven Ways to Get More Out of Your Days

1) Prepare mentally.

2) Prepare physically.

3) Have a plan.

4) Start anywhere.

5) Start anyway.

6) Do it right and once.

7) Stop before you need to.


I find that most people have never heard this advice: Stop before you need to.  Some people are in the habit of eating at their desks, not taking breaks, and working until they fall exhausted onto the couch. 

Just like anything else that runs on energy, eventually you will run out of it.  You need to charge your cell phones, laptops, and other devices that run on batteries, and you need to recharge yourself as well. 

"Stop before you need to" this means that while you have energy, and are productive and in good spirits, take a break.  If you wait until your energy is deleted, it takes a lot longer to recharge than if you take time to keep your batteries fully charged.  

Take small, short breaks throughout your day to keep yourself from getting exhausted, cranky, and unproductive.  You will get your break time back by increasing your productivity and staying fresh, not to mention happier.

Contact us if you're interested in learning more about Managing Multiple Priorities.

Save 20 - 200 Hours

What if your company was growing by leaps and bounds?  Would you just keep treading water trying to keep up or would you stop and develop a plan for growth?  Did you know that for every hour you spend planning, you'll save 20 - 200 hours of rework and wasted time due to lack of planning?


Smart and healthy companies know that clarity is the key to employees being able to successfully execute plans.  On September 23, I was proud to facilitate AMI Mechanical's Leadership Retreat.  The team invested a day developing a plan for the next six months, which will save AMI time and money.

AMI Mechanical's leadership team

If you need help creating a plan,contact us. We'd love to help!

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