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Retreat, Reflect, Refresh         
By Tiffany Dahlberg  


As a consultant, facilitator, and trainer I do my best to follow my own advice.  Although I encourage my clients to get out of their offices and into a different environment to stimulate fresh thinking, I realized I hadn't done that lately myself.  I decided to facilitate my own Offsite2Insight and flew off to California to immerse myself in nature.


Do you know what environments, people, and activities help you tune into your passion, purpose, and creative self?  For me, the redwood forest is very grounding; I appreciate the immenseness of the grand old trees, the soft quiet ground, and the beauty of perseverance over ages.  I retreat to the forest to reflect, gain perspective, and build determination.  Then I refresh my spirit on an ocean beach.  The salty air, rhythmic waves, and seemingly endless ocean energize me to accomplish anything.


Don't wait to put yourself on a retreat.  Summer is a perfect time to "stop before you need to" (one of my time management tips) and re-charge your batteries before they get low.  A summer Offsite2Insight may help you boost your energy and optimism for your year-end planning for 2015.


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If you'd like to improve your project success, Tiffany Dahlberg will be teaching at the University of Colorado at Denver the week of August 11.  You can increase your project management skills, work on your own projects and prepare for certification.  Last minute registration is extended until Wednesday, August 6.  Contact us if you're interested.

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"Only passions, great passions, can elevate the soul to great things."
- Denis Diderot

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