JUNE 2014

Tip of The Month

Exploit Your Talent
By Tiffany Dahlberg  


Reality TV is plagued with talent shows but why?  Because we enjoy watching people be extraordinary at something whether it's singing, creating a must-have product, or hand balancing.  I admire these people for exploiting their talents, albeit some are more talented than others:  They have the courage to go for their dreams by expressing their gifts.  


When complimented on his hand balancing act, a contestant on "America's Got Talent" responded with "Well, I've been practicing this for 45 years." He never has been complacent with his talent, and practices it every day.  Consider your talents and then ask yourself what you can do to up your game? Here are three of my best practices:  


1.    Be creative to innovate.  This is how I created my program, "Offsite2Insight."
2.     Attend training and read to learn.  I find inspiration and ideas from others.

3.     Share my talent with others. I always ask for feedback, so I can improve.


How can you create your own "talent show" in your business?  Presumably you were hired or started a business because you had some talent for that position or business.  Besides vying for promotions, pay raises, or sales, what are you doing to "win" at your talent?  Is your organization inadvertently rewarding mediocrity by tolerating average performance?  How will you know that you are the "best" at what you do?


We can help you tap into your potential through creative programs like "Offsite2Insight," read the following article, and contact us to learn more.

Facing Your Fears


The "Offsite2Insight" program, "Facing Your Fear," took place at the American Mountaineering Center in Golden, Colorado with 12 Vistage Chairs and the sponsor, Capital Value Advisors.


The "Offsite2Insight" format takes business leaders to an offsite location that serves as an effective analogy to safely and creatively address business issues. 


This customized program addressed fear by showing how climbers must overcome their fear to reach the summit just as Vistage Chairs need to face their fears in their groups and their lives to reach their goals.


Sam Allen delivered an interesting presentation on fear and rock climbing and then I facilitated the experiential portion of the program.  I asked who would be willing to face their fear of rock climbing and two courageous volunteers stepped up: Nate Oatman and Don Myers.  Sam Allen used his 35 years of rock climbing experience along with Melanie Joyce of Colorado Mountaineering Club to coach the volunteers while everyone else watched.


Once everyone returned from the rock climbing wall, the participants worked in triads to process each person's issue about fear. They answered a set of questions, discussed one with each other, and completed their Action Plan.


These unique experiences are designed and facilitated to help participants create long-lasting insights that lead to immediate and better results.


If you're interested in tailoring a collaborative program to fit your organization's specific needs, contact us about "Offsite2Insight" Workshops.
"Attempt the impossible in order to improve your work."
  - Bette Davis 

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Don Myers, Colorado Vistage Chair, facing his fears.
Tiffany Dahlberg - Ready2ACT