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Be More Persuasive


Did you know you can be 45% more successful in negotiations, increase sales by 33%, and influence people to do something by 400% just by understanding the secrets of persuasion?

Dr. Robert Cialdini, Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Marketing, Arizona State University, has outlined six sources of persuasion yielding the above results and more!

Six Sources of Persuasion
1) Reciprocity
2) Scarcity
3) Credibility
4) Consistency
5) Liking
6) Consensus

By understanding and applying these simple and practical principles, you can ethically increase your influence at no cost.  In the second article below, we've included this well-illustrated, fun, 12 minute, how-to You Tube video showing you science of persuasion.

We hope these tips contribute to your happy and successful 2013!

Set yourself up for a Successful Year!

This may be one of most important videos you'll ever watch.  I encourage you to examine: What I am already doing to influence people?  What else might be effective for me?  Then decide what you want to keep doing, stop doing, and start doing.  Capture these intentions as SMART goals and revisit your progress throughout the year.

Science Of Persuasion
Science Of Persuasion


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