March 12, 2014

The Kobo Books app has gained a new audience and platform-- it is now available in the Windows 8 store
Announcing the new Kobo App for Windows 8
Watch the video here:
Just like iOS, Android, and other platforms, the Windows 8 app includes direct links to capture customer accounts.

Links should be constructed as follows:

If your ID was ABA1234, the link would look like this:

Simply swap out ABA1234 for your ID and you'll be ready to promote the app and capture new accounts (if you are copying & pasting this link, please be sure to double check the link for unintended spaces).

After registering for an account, new users can then download the app from the windows store.
Added Bonus--
Robert Ludlum's The Janson Command by Paul Garrison and a preview of The Janson Option come free when downloading the Kobo for Windows App!  Download the web banner in the Designs and Downloads section of

There have been two recent price drops for the original Kobo Arc.  Prices and reporting deadlines vary by device size.

The current price of each device is as follows:
  • 16 GB Original Arc-- Now $99.99
  • 32 GB Original Arc-- Now $99.99 (Marked down from $129 for a $28.50 rebate)
  • 64 GB Original Arc-- Now $149.99  
Quantities for the 16GB and the 64GB must be reported by 3/15
using the reporting tool link that reads: Report Kobo Arc On Hand - 16GB and 64GB only.  The in-stock quantities should represent your in-stock amount as of 1/17/14.  If you have ordered Arcs after 1/17, please include them in your spreadsheet.

Quantities for the 32GB must be reported by 3/26 using the reporting tool link that reads: Report Kobo Arc On Hand - 32GB only.  The in-stock quantities should represent your in-stock levels as of 3/1/14.  If you have ordered Arcs after 3/1, please include them in your spreadsheet. 

If you still have Arc 32GB in stock, in order to receive the rebate you must submit a new report.  The original Arc report will only issue a rebate for the price drop to $129.99.

For current prices of all Kobo devices and reporting instructions, click here.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

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Kobo recently released a new logo and tagline, 'Read more'. Kobo's inspiration with the new design is "a visual hello... designed to express Kobo's vision, mission, and above all, our passion for reading."

So while users can still "Read freely," they are now encouraged to "Read more," too.  The new logo and usage guidelines can be found in the Designs and Downloads section of
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