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Issue 6: Spring Cleaning Tips
ALMOST THERE! CIM Gateway Upgrade
Most IndieCommerce stores have moved to the updated CIM shopping cart, a move that we'd asked to be made no later than March 1. Only a few stores have yet to update to the new -- better functioning -- feature. If you've made the switch, thank you! If not, you will now see a warning block when logged in as an admin.  (Please note, this block is only visible to administrators and cannot be seen by your customers!)

We'd love to have everyone using the new feature before the upgrade work takes over, so please contact us at or call 800-637-0037 x2, to schedule the switchover. Waiting may result in canceled orders for your customers, so please don't delay. Also, if you have your own account, failure to switch means that your site will revert to ABA's shared account.

For more details, please review the information sent in  our newsletter to you from January 10.

Order Queue Maintenance and Closing Out Old Orders
After auditing the active order queues of a number of IndieCommerce stores, we noticed a couple of common errors.  In order to keep a neat and tidy order queue, here are some helpful tips and reminders for everyone:
  • Orders that are marked as Payment Received are not complete.  While the customers have been charged, the funds are not transferred to your store until the order has been moved to the completed status.  To review, visit the following help articles:  
  • If an order is paid for in-store, be sure to mark the order Completed when the books are picked up.  While this does not initiate a charge, it will keep your order queue from becoming cumbersome.
  • If you are unable to fulfill an order, do not leave it as Pending, and instead mark the order Canceled.  If you are unable to cancel a credit card order, the original authorization has likely expired and you will need to follow these steps to close the order.
  • Check your order queue daily and leave order or admin comments for all admins to see.
  • If you have questions, try and resolve them promptly. It is much easier to resolve an issue when everyone's memory is fresh than 6 months down the road when critical details may have been forgotten.  
New Spring DIY Available
It's been a rough winter for many of us, so let's welcome back spring!  Cheerful new DIY material can be found here in the Designs and Downloads section of  New items are available in both print and web formats to brighten both your site and storefront.
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March 3, 2014
Uploading Inventory
Many IndieCommerce stores currently upload inventory files daily to flag titles they have in stock with with an 'On Our Shelves Now' availability status.

In addition to giving your customer an idea of what is readily available in your store, items that are in-stock will appear first in search results and in the browse module.

There are two ways to upload inventory files to your site:

1. Uploading a simple text file with the specs indicated here daily.

2. If you use Above The Treeline, we simply need a note authorizing your permission to give us access to your data. 

Above The Treeline has a variety of packages, including one as low as $10 monthly. Read more on their packages here.

Inventory files are processed 5 times daily and it is an added benefit that all sites should look to implement.
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