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Issue 5: New Themes, Reminders, and FAQs
Dear IndieCommerce Store,

For the next few months the IndieCommunications Newsletter will be primarily devoted to news and information about the upgrade from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7.  To be certain the upgrade emails aren't missed, the subject line for each will begin with IndieCommerce Upgrade, with the issue number noted, so you can keep track of all the notices. All newsletters, about the upgrade or otherwise, are available in the IndieCommunications archive, here.

If anyone else in your store or on your web team should be receiving upgrade information, please forward the emails or sign them up here to receive them.

Cool Tool -- Switch Themes on the Fly!
Switch Theme Block
To see and experience the wide array of themes available for your Drupal 7 site visit our Drupal 7 Test Site, and use the "Switch Theme" block. Choose any theme from the drop down menu and check out its features, layout, and design. Then choose another theme, and again, and again.  There are more than 60 themes currently being supported, many of them brand new to Drupal 7. The variety and flexibility are endless.

To supplement the Switch Theme tool, our team has compiled a list of features included in each theme.  The following categories are included in the helpful chart found here.
  • Color: single-color or multi-color
  • Layout: Fluid, Fixed, or Responsive (click here for definitions)
  • Menu: static or drop down
  • Slideshows: built-in or not (If not built-in, slideshows can be created using Views.)
If you've any questions about any of the Theme varieties or features please email us at
Upgrade and Migration FAQs
IndieCommerce support has developed a list of FAQs about all aspects of the upgrade and the migration of your site.

What's moving? Where is it going? When is it happening?

Please visit the Drupal 7 Test Site for answers to these and many more questions.  If your question isn't answered there, please email us at  New questions will be added periodically, so please check back.
March 1 Deadline to Implement CIM Gateway
As a reminder, all IndieCommerce stores will need to use the updated shopping cart with the CIM feature or the site cannot be migrated to Drupal 7.  The deadline to make the switch is March 1.

Not sure if your site is using the new or the old shopping cart? Follow the instructions in our newsletter to you from January 10.

If you need to make the switch, please contact us at to schedule the time. If you have your own account please be sure you have acquired the CIM add-on feature, so that your site will not revert to ABA's shared account.
How Are We Doing?
If you have the time, please take the short  survey below to provide your insights on how we are doing so far, and how we can improve our communication with membership. 
Please be sure to sign up for upgrade-specific emails to ensure that you receive communications specific to your store.
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February 12, 2014
Bug Alert
If you currently use Internet Explorer to administer your site, you may have recently encountered an inability to add images. 
TinyMCE editor (the plugin used to create content-- with the 'tree' button) is not compatible with newer versions of Internet Explorer.
Our team ALWAYS recommends using Mozilla Firefox as your preferred browser for IndieCommerce.
If you do not have Firefox installed on your computer, please
download it here

Helpful Links
 Drupal 7 Test Site
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Questions? Email or Phone 800-637-0037 x2

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