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Issue 3: Are You Prepared For The Holiday Traffic?
Did You Know?  Order Processing Tips
'Tis the season for more website orders! Are you completing them correctly?

This month, we will review how to process orders and will include best practices to maximize efficiency online.

Please click here for step by step instructions on how to correctly process a pending order.

Below, please find helpful tips, and commonly misused features of the order processing system.

Authorizations:  Frequently, we come across stores incorrectly using the 'charge' link, or 'process card' button.  These options should only be used when you need to reauthorize a credit card.  If you unnecessarily create new authorizations, you may create confusion with customers who may think their credit card has been charged twice. 


Order Statuses:  Have you moved your order to Completed?  You won't get paid until you do!  Click here for a review of preloaded order statuses and instructions on how to add your own.  


Fulfillment:  When is an order eligible to go to Ingram for fulfillment, and when does it come to your store?  Click here for a full list of conditions for wholesaler fulfillment. 


Editing Orders: Out of stock on a particular item? Need to make changes to an order?  Review how to make edits to orders


Holiday Pricing: Are you offering any sales online? Review how to set prices online, create a coupon code or modify shipping rates


Fraud:  You may run into a Grinch or two during the holiday season, be sure to be on high alert for fraudulent orders.  If you ever find a suspicious order, please let us know. We can scan our system in case the culprit has hit other IndieCommerce stores.  


If you ever have questions, contact us at, or by phone at 800-637-0037 x2. If it's pertaining to a specific order, don't forget to include the order number! 

Indie Promotions in Full Swing
The third annual Small Business Saturday takes place this  upcoming Saturday, 11/30.  Grassroots campaigns along with advertising efforts from American Express have transformed Small Business Saturday into a household name (and a trending  hashtag! #SmallBizSat).

Don't forget to use our DIY material to promote the holiday!

With a huge interactive effort of Indie Booksellers and Authors,  #IndiesFirst has officially gone viral!  The program is sure to give our local booksellers an in-store boost on Small Business Saturday.
For a comprehensive look at participating authors and bookstores, check out the Indies First map.

Pass along the good karma, and help out friends at ABFFE by posting a banner for their Online Children's Book Auction.

The illustrations make a fantastic gift and support a wonderful cause!
Holiday Prep Checklist
Earlier this month, the BTW team posted our Annual Holiday Preparation Checklist

Not only does it contain useful in-store techniques, but it also has web-specific reminders. Here's a few we found extra handy for your web presence!

1.  Update store hours on website, and be sure to post any special holiday events.  


2. Post your shipping policy, along with a delivery schedule-- check carrier websites for delivery timing.

If you'd like to change the phrasing of the availability statuses, please email


3. Freshen up your website. We have a ton of holiday marketing material in our Designs & Downloads Section on   

4. Check your store's profile on Yelp, Google Maps, and other social media listings to make sure they provide complete, up-to-date information about your business and its services.    

5. Don't forget the gift wrap!

Add reminders at checkout to encourage customers to select a custom product, enter a comment at checkout, or indicate their wrapping preferences.  

Read the full list of reminders here! 

In This Issue
November 26, 2013
New Developments
As noted in last month's edition, our team has implemented a code freeze on our installation of Drupal 6.

We are now in the preliminary planning stages of the upgrade and will be focusing our efforts on creating an environment that allows for a smooth transition to Drupal 7.

As we make decisions on our route, we will update our membership with any pertinent details.

In the meantime, we will regularly offer opportunities to submit your feedback to aid us in our decision making process.

To participate in a quick survey, please click here.

Regional Holiday Catalogs

Select Regional Holiday Catalogs are now available on all
IndieCommerce Sites!
NEIBA: /holiday/NEIBA/2013NEIBAcatalogIndieCommerce.html 


GLIBA: /holiday/GLIBA/2013GLIBAcatalogIndieCommerce.html

MIBA: /holiday/MIBA/2013MIBAcatalogIndieCommerce.html

SIBA: /holiday/SIBA/2013SIBAcatalogIndieCommerce.html

While they are not fully integrated, the following regions offer PDFs or
embed codes that you may wish to use on your site-- PNBA, SCIBA, & NCIBA.

If you are not sure how to utilize the paths provided, please review last month's IndieCommunication
Q&A Spotlight
Q. I have an embed code, but can't get it to work on my site. Help!

A. With many stores signing up with our partners like Biblio, increasing their use of social media networks, and adding interactive widgets to their site-- We've seen a bump in questions about adding code.

The trick is a combination of setting the correct Input Format, and toggling the display mode of the editor.  For full details, click here.

Don't forget! You can always email with questions, or call us at 800-637-0037 x2.
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