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Introducing, Wholesaler Fulfilled Pre-Orders!
August 16, 2013
Dear IndieCommerce Member,

We are pleased to announce that pre-orders can now be sent to Ingram for direct fulfillment.

Two of the largest benefits of the new feature are speed and convenience.

As our culture grows increasingly fast-paced, it's important to expedite
new materials to customers.  As an added benefit of sending a pre-order to Ingram, Ingram will ship the title a day before release to ensure that the customers receive their item quickly.

The new feature is as easy as clicking a button. After the 'Send Pre-Order to Ingram' button is clicked, you're done.
As your fall pre-orders come in, keep an eye out for the new option on individual order pages.  Keep in mind, orders are still required to meet a specific set of conditions in order to be fulfilled by Ingram.

For a full breakdown of conditions, instructions, and special cases, please visit this page.

Should you have additional questions, or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us!



The IndieCommerce Team



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