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August 2016
Benefits of Networking

The success of a conference or industry event is not measured by the quantity of participants nor the quality of presenter. From a networker's point of view, the true measure of success are the great relationships made in the course of attending conferences and events.

One goal of attending a networking event is the generation of referrals, or increased business. But networking is much more than that. It is about planting for future opportunities, growing through connections, and ultimately the satisfaction of being a positive influence on others.

New QuickBooks password security requirements and the unintended consequences

The new password security features of QuickBooks 2016 are having silent but far reaching impact. This is due to the latest release update, R7. Intuit has rolled out the latest QuickBooks desktop security update and the changes have created a growing uproar in the user and accounting communities. Rest assured, your comments are being heard.


Mendelson Consulting is proud to announce that the company's founder and principal, Mario Nowogrodzki, CPA.CITP, has been chosen among the Top 100 QuickBooks ProAdvisors for the third consecutive year. Mario was also named Top Integrations ProAdvisor 2015.

Ctrl  When Opening QuickBooks
Have you ever received an error when opening QuickBooks?   There are many reasons why this can occur.  Regardless of the reason, there is a quick way to help you narrow down to the likely causes for launch errors.

The next time you open QuickBooks, hold down your Ctrl key.  This will suppress the last opened data file and bring you directly to the 'No Company Open' screen.  
If QuickBooks opens this way without any errors, then attempt to open a company data file.  If you receive the same error upon opening a data file, then the problem is in the data file itself.  
If you receive the error when launching QuickBooks (while holding down the Ctrl key) then the problem is most likely with the QuickBooks program installation itself and not with the data.
Use this tip to save time if you experience an error when launching QuickBooks!
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