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August 2015
Premier Resller

A popular phrase overheard at the very popular Scaling New Heights QuickBooks consultants conference in New Orleans in June 2015: I am not a reseller, I am an accountant.

I heard this exact phrase before the conference even started. While one of my firm associates was picking up his conference badge and materials at one end of the registration counter, I was at the other end picking up the first conference "swag" - pins with the QuickBooks ProAdvisor logos. Depending on your QuickBooks ProAdvisor certifications and status, you were entitled to different logo pins.

So the very helpful conference staff asked me which ProAdvisor logo pins I needed, I replied "Need them all. There is no certification that my team and I do not have." READ MORE

Cutting the Cord with Mobile Inventory Management
Cutting the Cord with Mobile Inventory
The use of mobile devices, solutions and barcoding is on the rise. According to Motorola Solutions (From Cost Center to Growth Center: Warehousing 2018), by 2018, 66% of their survey respondents plan to use handheld mobile computers for inventory management with real-time access to an inventory & warehouse management system. Plus, it is estimated that the number of barcoded items received at a warehouse or distribution center will increase to 84%.
With this upward trend, businesses should fully understand mobile inventory management, what is involved and if it can meet their needs for greater operational success.
QuickBooks expert and consultant Keith Fileccia of Mendelson Consulting works with wholesale distribution clients to understand mobile inventory management and barcoding; to develop a strategic plan to effectively integrate it with their operations; and he implements mobile inventory management solutions within their business. READ MORE

Top 10 ProAdvisor  

Mendelson Consulting is pleased to announce that the company's founder and principal, Mario Nowogrodzki, CPA.CITP, has been chosen among the Top 10 QuickBooks ProAdvisors of 2015. Nowogrodzki was also named Top Integrations ProAdvisor. READ MORE

QuickBooks Audit Trail
The QuickBooks audit trail is considered the "insurance"
feature of the QuickBooks application. When mistakes are made, they can be traced back to aid in correcting
the errors. Like a well-trained scribe, it tracks all
transactions changes, including additions, editions, and deletions.

This function also helps in the discovery of fraud, as entry changes are stamped with date/time and username that made the change.

To access the audit trail, go to:REPORTS >       >ACCOUNTANT AND TAXES

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