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January 2014
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QuickBooks Remote Access 


Intuit understands busy professionals sometimes need to work on the go. Remote access options for QuickBooks have expanded, and you can now log into your file from anywhere - even while meeting with your CPA! Remote access methods include QuickBooks Online, desktop sharing and QuickBooks hosting on the cloud. 


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Save Time & Money!
Accept Credit Cards

Save time and money
with Intuit Payment Solutions.  Accept credit and debit cards faster than ever at a fraction of the cost -- right in QuickBooks.  No terminal needed.  Let us show you how easy it can be!


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"January is here, with eyes that keenly glow, A frost-mailed warrior striding a shadowy steed of snow."  

- Edgar Fawcett



"Nature has undoubtedly mastered the art of winter gardening and even the most experienced gardener can learn from the unrestrained beauty around them." 

- Vincent A. Simeone





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18501 Pines Blvd Ste 208

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Another year, another star... but we are not resting!


Late night on Monday January 6th, I received an email from Robert Scott. Bob is well known in the mid-market financial software community; he informs and entertains the accounting technology community via the "Bob Scott's Insights" newsletter and website since 2009. His email was short: Congratulations. Your firm has been selected to Bob Scott's VAR Stars 2013.

This marks the fifth consecutive year of this recognition for our firm. And we
 appreciate it more every year. One thing is to elevate to national recognition, a harder thing is to continue operating at a high level for several years in a row.


Our clients remain the focus of our existence. The best clients understand the value of proper business software leadership. This award is a testament to that belief.


To read more about this, here is the actual press release:


My father is always the first one to offer congratulations on any achievement or recognition. But an important lesson he taught me early on is "do not rest on your laurels". So I've always adhered to continuing the efforts to achieve while appreciating recognition for previous achievements.


I am pleased to share that 2013 was Mendelson Consulting's most successful year in revenues. We continue to achieve unequaled long-term success in our industry, growing at a steady and healthy pace. But we are not resting on our laurels... so we are looking for an even better 2014!



10 Steps to Getting More Done in Your Day

Want to get more done in a shorter amount of time?
In this business climate of information overload and constant interruptions, it has become increasingly difficult for small business owners to get anything accomplished. Not to mention, instead of technology

increasing productivity, it often seems to weigh you down. How are you supposed be proud of what was accomplished today and not just be frustrated?

Author Barry Moltz offers 10 ways to get more done in a single day:

1. Do not start the day by checking e- mail, voice messages or social media.

2. Start by completing two things on your list that must get done today.

3. Make decisions and take action.

4. Deal with every email once.

5. Focus on doing one thing at a time.

6. Control distractions.

7. Stay off the Internet, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter unless you have a need.

8. Do not enter a meeting without a written agenda and a stop time.

9. Delegate to others.

10. Recharge.



Extreme Weather Event... (Brrr)
The 2014 cold wave was an extreme weather event affecting most of North America (United States and Canada), extending extending as far south as Central Florida. An Arctic cold front, initially associated with a nor'easter on January 2, tracked across North America, resulting in heavy snowfall. Temperatures fell to unprecedented levels due to the front, and consequently low temperature records were broken across the U.S., leading to business, school, and road closures, as well as mass flight cancellations. Records of meteorological data have been kept by the United States Weather Bureau since it was established in 1870. Altogether more than 200 million people were affected, in an area ranging from the Rocky Mountains to the Atlantic Ocean and extending south to include roughly 187 million Americans in the Continental United States.
We hope that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy during this unprecedented event affecting the majority of the country.
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Bob Scott's VAR Stars 2013 Announced...


Mendelson Consulting has been selected as a member of the "Bob Scott's VAR Stars" for 2013, a group of 100 organizations honored for their accomplishments in the field of mid-market financial software.





QuickBooks for Accounting Professionals

Thursday 23 Jan 2014
9:00am - 12:30pm ET
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Thursday 6 Feb 2014
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Thursday 20 Feb 2014
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