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June 2013
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QuickBooks Tip


To aid in maximizing efficiency, here are some handy tips and helpful techniques that you can use to more quickly navigate QuickBooks:

*To move quickly to a specific list box entry, press the letter. For example, press S to move to the first list entry that begins with the letter S.

*To move the insertion point to the beginning of a field, press Home.

*To move the insertion point to the end of a field, press End.

*QuickBooks can display a list of open windows in its Open Window list. To display the Open Window list, choose View>Open Window List. To move to a listed window, just click it.

*To tell QuickBooks to use windows the same way every other program does, choose View→Multiple Windows. Or, to tell QuickBooks to just display the active window, choose View→One Window.



Quotable Quotes

If you can dream it, you can do it.
- Walt Disney

A man of personality can formulate ideals, but only a man of character can achieve them.
- Herbert Read



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Founded in 1992, Mendelson Consulting specializes in QuickBooks Solutions and Information Technology consulting services.  Mendelson Consulting was recognized with prestigious distinctions awarded by Accounting Technology magazine: 'Killer VAR', acknowledging our commitment and character as a value-added-reselling (VAR) organization, and 'Technology Pacesetter', recognizing our reputation among peers and participation on advisory boards and speaker panels at industry events.  We were also recognized as part of Bob Scott's Insights 'VAR Stars' for our accomplishments in mid-market financial software.

We were the first charter member of the Intuit Solutions Provider Program.  Mario Nowogrodzki served on the Intuit Solutions Provider Program Advisory Council--the only consultant in the nation to serve since program inception, for three consecutive terms.

Mario portrait

Notes from the Field... 


Founder and Principal


QuickBooks Dream Team...


Greetings from the land of Mickey Mouse - Disney's Contemporary Resort in Walt Disney World, location of this year's Scaling New Heights conference, an advanced training conference exclusively for QuickBooks ProAdvisors.

For the fifth year in a row (every year of the conference existence) I was invited to present several sessions and workshops. I facilitated two full-day (sold-out) workshops on "Advanced Excel with QuickBooks Data" -- in essence an Excel and QQube boot camp, where participants learned and practiced actual advanced QuickBooks report-writing using Excel and QQube as the data-extraction / data-warehousing tool. Other sessions I facilitated were "QuickBooks Data File Management" and "Networking QuickBooks", two sessions filled with technical, behind-the-scenes best practices for QuickBooks consultants when working with clients. Lastly, I also facilitated "QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions Advanced Inventory Deep Dive", where consultants learned all about QuickBooks inventory and all the features and functionalities of the Advanced Inventory module, including some of our own best practices when dealing with clients that track and manage inventory.

This year, teaching took up almost my entire conference time but I still found time to connect with my peers and partners -- among the best extracurricular activities at this kind of event.  The massive mind-share and collaboration is the best part of such practitioner conferences.


By the conclusion of the conference, I learned I had been included in the 4-member QuickBooks Dream Team -- a showcased group of the top national instructor / consultants. It is an honor to be included in such select company.

This dream team reference is quite appropriate, given the venue of this year's conference. The Walt Disney Company does a remarkable job of creating dream-like experiences. Cleanliness, safety, and fantasy only begin to describe the sensation felt by those who visit the theme parks, the accommodations, and just the mere surroundings. We can all learn from the organizational happiness that The Disney Company has created in this Central Florida location.  This illusion of perfection is something to learn and apply in our endeavors.


Wishing everyone a magical summer...


Fun Facts 

June 21st is the first day of summer!  Here are a few interesting facts about summer living that you probably didn't know:  
- On average Americans eat around 5 1/2 gallons of ice cream a year.  July is 'National Ice Cream Month' because it is the month during which the most ice cream is sold.

- The Popsicle was invented by accident by an 11-year-old boy named Frank Epperson in 1905 after he accidentally left a mixture of powdered soda mix and water with a stirring stick on his porch. He awoke the next morning to find a Popsicle.
- On July 10th, 1913 the hottest temperature ever recorded on earth, 134 Fahrenheit, was recorded in Death Valley, California at the appropriately named Furnace Creek Ranch.
- The Summer Olympics take place every four years. They were held for the first time in Greece more than two thousand years ago. The modern Summer Olympics were revived in 1896.
 - The Dog Days of Summer refers to the weeks between July 3rd and August 11th. Interestingly, they are named after the Dog Star (Sirius) in the constellation of Canis Major. 

The Mendelson Academy  


Looking to gain fluency in QuickBooks?


The Mendelson Academy's classes can provide this for you. All of our classes are offered online via interactive webinar and in person at our state of the art facility in Pembroke Pines, Florida. We can also create custom training sessions for you and your staff to suit your specific needs. Please don't hesitate to contact Jake or Susana for further information at 954-447-0250 or: 





QuickBooks Concepts

Tuesday July 16th


QuickBooks Adventures in Inventory

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QuickBooks Deep Dive

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