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Upgrading to QB 2013


Every year a new QuickBooks is released and every year people ask themselves if they should or need to upgrade. If you are on a QuickBooks version that Intuit is retiring (support lasts for 3 years), then the easy answer is Yes. If you have a supported vesrion, then the question really becomes if the new and upgraded features in QuickBooks will really benefit your business. Read this month's feature article (From the Desk of...) for help in your decision to upgrade.

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"I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can't accept not trying."

-Michael Jordan


"Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after."

-Henry David Thoreau


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Founded in 1992, Mendelson Consulting specializes in QuickBooks Solutions and Information Technology consulting services.  Mendelson Consulting was recognized with prestigious distinctions awarded by Accounting Technology magazine: 'Killer VAR', acknowledging our commitment and character as a value-added-reselling (VAR) organization, and 'Technology Pacesetter', recognizing our reputation among peers and participation on advisory boards and speaker panels at industry events.  We were also recognized as part of Bob Scott's Insights 'VAR Stars' for our accomplishments in mid-market financial software.

We were the first charter member of the Intuit Solutions Provider Program.  Mario Nowogrodzki served on the Intuit Solutions Provider Program Advisory Council--the only consultant in the nation to serve since program inception, for three consecutive terms.

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From the Desk of... 


Founder and Principal


To upgrade or not to upgrade... that is the question


Another year is upon us.  By the time you read this article, we will be well-engrained into the New Year.  It's also a time that we think of computer and software upgrades.  Many software companies - especially the ones that produce accounting systems - publish yearly upgrades anywhere between fall and the beginning of the year.  This year is no exception.  QuickBooks 2013 / Enterprise Solutions 13.0 was released by Intuit in the fall.  In line with most of the software industry, the 2013 QuickBooks product offering went through several patches since initial release and is now a robust, stable system.


One of the best times to implement an upgrade is at the beginning of the year.  By this time, the software publisher has gone through several iterations of patch releases that make the software stable and reliable.  Best reason for an upgrade is to take advantage of new features and functionalities.  Not sure these features apply to you?  Or wondering which new function you can take advantage of?  We can help.  Call us for an upgrade evaluation and we'll help you decide if this year's QuickBooks version has what you need.  And we will help determine when is the best time for upgrading, including pricing considerations.


As an Intuit Premier Reseller - and Intuit's FIRST Intuit Solution Provider since 2006 - we have special pricing from Intuit - and you benefit!  For example, on QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions, we offer an everyday 20% promotional discount for upgraders, 30% if you include Advanced Inventory.  Plus, free installation is available!  There are special one-day offers as well that you will be hearing about.


Don't upgrade for the sake of upgrading - let's make sure there's a reason to upgrade!



2013 Anniversaries


500 years ago in 1513 Spanish explorer Ponce De León landed on Florida's east coast. What makes this anniversary so unique is that Ponce De León's convoy of explorers was the first group of Europeans to document such a landing and give a name to Florida -- La Florida.


80 years ago in 1933 Prohibition ended: the Cullen-Harrison Act came into effect, legalizing the sale of beer and wine with up to 3.2% alcohol for the first time since 1920.  Sale of even such low alcohol beer had been illegal in the U.S. since Prohibition started in 1920 following the 1919 passage of the Volstead Act. Throngs gathered outside breweries and taverns for their first legal beer in many years.


20 years ago in 1993 the first popular web browser, Mosaic 1.0, was officially released by the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA). Mosaic v 1.0 broke away from the small pack of existing browsers by including features such as icons, bookmarks, a more attractive interface, and pictures-that made the software easy to use and appealing to "non-geeks".


find your solution with...

QuickBooks Add-ons


The QuickBooks of today is not the same QuickBooks your grandparents used.  Several years ago, Intuit implemented the ability for 3rd parties to develop add-ons that extend the capabilities of QuickBooks.  These add-ons are proven in the marketplace.  Everything from advanced inventory capabilities, custom reporting, billing & expense tracking, scheduling, and much more are available. 


To find the right solution, your first step is a call to Mendelson Consulting where you will receive a recommendation for the correct solution for your business, rather than dealing with a company that will just give you "their" solution.


Stop running your business the way QuickBooks alone makes you, and start running your business the way you want to!





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