Boost Your Knowledge about Serious
Games Education July 26-28 at UNC

Update your knowledge/skills on serious games/gamification this summer at UNC. More than 60 thought leaders will share their knowledge.
Speakers will include:

Sandy Brown
Transforming War Games
For the US Army

Doug Whatley
BreakAway Games
Using Open World
Games for Education

Brad Tanner
Clinical Tools
Branched Path Learning In
Health and Medicine

Prasad Saripalli
Applying Big Data Analytics
In Serious Games Design

Phaedra Boinodiris
The Intersection of Cognitive Computing and Gaming

Eben Myers
Simcoach Games
Designing to Drive Adoption
Of Game-Based Training

Peter Shea
Middlesex Community
Getting Your Game Into Higher Ed

Maroof Fakhri
Virtual Laboratories

Ariella Lehrer
Legacy Interactive
 Augmented Reality in
Education and Training

A pre-conference Master Class will be offered for those new to game-based learning on Monday, July 25.

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