Boost Your Knowledge about Serious Games/Gamification July 26-28 at UNC
Update your team on the use of serious games in the corporate environment. Get cutting edge advice from more than 60 of the the top consultants and chief learning/training leads who have already implemented programs.  Speakers include:

Doug Whatley
BreakAway Games
Using Open World Games For Education

Sandy Brown
Transforming War Games For the U.S. Army

Clément Merville
Four Pillars of Learning: Why Games Are Important

Ask Agger
Change Through Involvement

Ross Smith
Serious Games In the Enterprise: Pros and Cons

Phaedra Boinodiris
The Intersection of Cognitive Computing
And Gaming

Yee San Su
Food Chain Reaction: A Global Food Security Game

Hélène Michel
Grenoble (GEM)
Using Rubik's Cube To Drive Business Innovation

Eben Myers
Simcoach Games
Driving the Adoption Of Game Training In the Workplace

Bryan L. Austin
Learning Games and Micro-Learning Efficacy:
What the Research Says

Dov Jacobson
Gamification vs Game Based Learning

Michael DiPonio
Quicken Loans
Developing Serious Games For the Enterprise Environment

A pre-conference Master Class will be offered for those new to game-based learning on Monday, July 25.

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