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ChiroHealthUSA Launching
January 20th!
NOVA Chiropractic will be launching the new ChiroHealthUSA program beginning January 20th, 2014. 
What this means for you:
Patients will have the option to join the ChiroHealthUSA program for $39 a year and receive discounted treatments.
Current patients that pay out of pocket for services and therapies can join ChiroHealthUSA, or they will have to pay the full price for the services and therapies.

The $39 goes to ChiroHealthUSA not NOVA Chiropractic.
Joining ChiroHealthUSA will ensure NOVA Chiropractic is in compliance with state and federal healthcare regulations.
Exercises in the Office and On the Go!
Do What Your Body Was Made To Do
The way our bodies are designed do not necessarily fit what is required of most Americans during their 9 to 5 and beyond work day. Our bodies are made to be mobile and in motion, which is the exact opposite of sitting and typing at a desk all day.
Unfortunately, computers, desk work, and sitting are most likely going to continue to be the main part of a person's day at work, especially in bigger cities like DC!
One of the best ways to incorporate a more active lifestyle into the mainstream workweek is to mimic our ancestral pattern of movement: moving frequently at a slow pace. This means approximately 3-5 hours a week of low level activity like walking, cycling, gardening, hiking, performing manual labor, etc. This helps maintain a healthy weight, promotes proper metabolic function and provides a foundation for more strenuous activity.
How we can incorporate this at the office:
  • Parking lot - It's always a race to get the closest spot to the entrance of any building you are going in to.  Instead of parking close, park further away. This can add an extra 5 - 10 minutes each way of walking from your car to the building, and back.
  • Take the stairs - Walking slowly up and down the stairs to get to your office or cubicle, go to the bathroom, or to get to another room in the building is a great way to add in more activity at the office.
  • Chair Support - Using the right ergonomic chair or fitness ball can allow for better posture and proper use of upper and lower back muscles while sitting. 
  • Standing at Your Desk - Not only is standing vs. sitting better for your health and function of your body, it also burns more calories! People can burn between 250 - 400 calories more by standing instead of sitting during the workday. Calculate the difference standing makes for your body!
Exercises In The Office
Take 5 - 10 minute breaks of office exercising, and not only will it help you become more physically fit, studies show that work productivity increases as well: 
  • Chair Squats - Squats are one of the best exercises to engage your glutes, and using a chair helps to achieve full range of motion. 
    • Stand tall, 
    • Keep back straight, 
    • Lower to one inch of chair pretending you are sitting down
    • Hold for ten seconds, 
    • Lift back up to standing position.
  • Office Chair Abdominals - Sitting on an exercise ball forces you to use your abs to hold yourself in position. It improves your balance, tones your core muscles and takes stress off your lower back. Some people even find that it focuses their concentration.
    • Sit on the ball and find your balance, 
    • Pull your navel in, 
    • Pull you shoulders back (no slouching), 
    • Place feet hip width apart.
  • Assisted Push-Up - Simply standing up is great for your muscles and the push-ups help promote healthy circulation.
    • Grip the desk in front of you, 
    • Walk your feet back until your body assumes a 45 degree angle, 
    • Keep your back straight, and bend your elbows to lower your body toward the desk,
    • Push yourself back into starting position. 
Dr. Sullivan's Recommendations 
I recommend that you do at least one of these exercises in the morning and one in the afternoon.  Schedule your outlook to pop up and remind you to do your exercise.  It breaks up the constant sitting and at the same time gets the blood flowing and helps you mentally focus on your work.
Also, try this exercise:
  • Balance and Postural Exercise - Try standing on one leg at a time with your eyes open for 30 seconds.  Switch legs and repeat on the other leg.  Work up to holding the position for 1 minute.  To make the exercise more difficult close your eyes.
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