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 Dr. Sullivan Adds The Game Ready System to the Practice
Why Dr. Sullivan Added The Game Ready System
Dr. Sullivan is very active and loves to participate in a number of sports, including hockey. He has played hockey for most of his life being from Upstate New York, and until about a month ago was involved in a hockey league at the Kettler Capitals Iceplex. 

During a game three weeks ago, Dr. Sullivan injured his knee. An MRI report concluded that he had completely torn his PCL and sprained his MCL.  

Need to Know: The medial collateral ligament (MCL) is
most susceptible to a sprain because of the leg position-pushing off the inside edge of the skate blade-and contact
to the outside of the knee.


Right away Dr. Sullivan began laser therapy treatment on his knee and began rehabilitation on his knee. He began researching options that would help him recover quickly. After doing researching and contacting his network of doctors, he decided to invest in what's called The Game Ready System.  
About The Game Ready System
Game Ready integrates proven cold and compression therapies in a revolutionary treatment system that sets a new standard of care in injury and post-operative recovery. It simply and simultaneously applies active pneumatic (air) compression and adjustable cold therapies to reduce swelling, minimize pain, and speed and enhance your body's natural healing abilities.
Compared to traditional RICE applications (Rest-Ice-Compression-Elevation), Game Ready delivers more therapeutic benefits: 
  • Cold (General)
    • Decreases pain, muscle spasms, edema, and swelling.
    • Reduces metabolic activity and demand for oxygen, reducing secondary tissue.
  • Compression (General)
    • Aids the prevention of endema formation and removal of swelling
  • Active Cold (Game Ready)
    • Draws heat away from the injury site for more efficient temperature reduction.
  • Active Compression (Game Ready)
    • Mimics natural muscle contractions, "pumping" endema out of the injured area.
    • Optimizes lymphatic drainage.
    • Increases blood flow and oxygen delivery.
    • Simulates tissue repair, encoraging acceleration of the healing process.
  • Active Compression & Active Cold Therapy
    • Improves surface contact for faster, deeper, longer-lasting cooling.
Need to Know: 91% of patients returned to work or daily
activities sooner using GR compared to RICE treatment.
Portable & Used By Pro-Athletes

Game Ready provides you with a convenient, comfortable, and portable tool that you can use for treatment in the training room, on the field, or on the road. The system is different from traditional treatment methods like ice packs or simple circulating ice water units. The Game Ready System continuously cycles fluid throughout the form-fitting, flexible wrap, keeping it cold throughout the entire duration of an application or treatment. With adjustable time pressure and temperature settings, treatment sessions can be tailored to every athlete's needs.


Used By Pro Athletes

The Game Ready System is utilized by every training staff in professional sports along with most every NCAA team.  Star professional athletes usually own their own Game Ready System. Tom Brady and RG III are two athletes that use a Game Ready after each football game. It is by far the best ice therapy and cold compression system on the market.  



How It Works & Cost
Game Ready can be applied to the injured body part for a 15 minute period at NOVA Chiropractic.  The Game Ready System can be applied on the shoulder, elbow, back, hip, knee and ankle.  The system is filled with ice and water and then is connected to the specific wrap.  The temperature can be controlled and is constantly cycled throughout the wrap while the compression therapy is being applied within the wrap.  
Most insurances cover the cost of the Game Ready application, but if your insurance does not cover it then the cost is as follows:
One 15 minute application: $25
Currently, Dr. Sullivan has the Game Ready System that can be applied to the knee, but he is ordering more application for additional body parts. 
Dr. Sullivan's Recommendations

I would recommend The Game Ready System for anyone that has sustained an acute and recent injury, or soon after surgery. One of the most important things that a patient can do after he/she sustains an injury is to get it treated quickly. Pro athletes receive treatment essentially immediately after they sustain an injury, and it makes a difference in the speediness of the recovery. 


I am currently using The Game Ready System and have felt a dramatic decrease in pain and swelling, and my range of motion has increased. I only ordered the knee application because I wanted to test it out on myself first to make sure that I experienced it's effectiveness, and now I am going to order the additional body part applications. 

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