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Dr. Sullivan is Sponsoring 
a Veteran's Calendar!
A Tribute to Our Veterans, Military Servicemen & Women, and the Family & Friends that Support Them
Dr. Sullivan and Nicole at NOVA Chiropractic would like to honor and give tribute to the men and women that have served in a war or the military. We are thankful for their service and would like to recognize them for Veteran's Day in Nov. 2013.
There are many patients at NOVA Chiropractic that have served or are currently serving, or have friends and family that have served. 
We would like to bring the NOVA Chiropractic community together to support the efforts of the military service men and woman by creating a 2014 NOVA Chiropractic Veterans & Military Calendar.
In order to create the calendar and involve the NOVA Chiropractic community, we are launching this program now so that the calendars will be done in time for Veteran's Day on November 11th, 2013!
How the Calendar Will Work
The calendar will be developed from scratch and will be comprised of pictures and information of Veterans that have served in ANY war or the military service men and women in the NOVA Chiropractic community. This can include family AND friends of NOVA Chiropractic patients!
A patient that has a Veteran or military person in the family, alive or deceased, can bring in a picture of that person to be added into the calendar. 
Veteran's CalendarVeteran's Calendar

Every patient that provides a picture for the calendar will receive a FREE calendar!!
There will be a limit of two pictures per patient. If there is room left over in the calendar then those patients that have provided two pictures can add more if they would like to.
There are a limited amount of space in the calendar so we will receive pictures on a first come first serve basis. The deadline to submit the photos is Friday, October 18th, 2013.
What We Need from You
There will be space below each picture for information about the Veteran or military person, so in addition to the copy of the picture we will need the following information:
  1. Name of person served
  2. Military branch
  3. Ranking
  4. Date(s) of Service
  5. War served (if applicable)
  6. Additional Information: This can be anything you want to add about the person's service (1-2 sentences).
You can send this information, along with an attachment of the photo, to Please also include the name and phone number of the person submitting the photo. If you do not have access to a scanner or email, you can fill out this form and bring the photo into the office to be scanned. 

Note: By submitting a photo and information, you give NOVA Chiropractic the right to use the photo in the calendar. The photo will not be used or distributed for any other purposes.

Distribution & Fundraising of the Calendars

By Veteran's Day, NOVA Chiropractic plans to have all of the calendars developed and shipped to the office. Patients can pick up the calendars up at the office.


There will be additional calendars printed for patients to purchase for family members and friends. The money collected for the purchase of additional calendars will be donated to a nonprofit Veterans/military organization. There are many wonderful organizations in the area which will make it a difficult decision to choose. We would like to ask the NOVA Chiropractic patients to make suggestions as to which organization we will donate the proceeds to.


Thank you in advance for your support and we looking forward to not only supporting our Veterans and military service people, but also bringing the NOVA Chiropractic community together!

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Note: The material provided in this newsletter is for informational purposes only. The opinions expressed herein may not always reflect the views of the NOVA Chiropractic, nor do they imply an endorsement. 
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