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Importance of Posture
Buying into the health 
and longevity that good posture can bring. 
The Riddle of the Sphinx
Posture is the position in which we hold our bodies while standing, sitting, or lying down. Good posture is the correct alignment of body parts supported by the right amount of muscle tension against gravity.  
Posture has been found in the art work of ancient civilizations, presented in the science and practice of yoga, and taught in the arts for millenniums. Dating back thousands of years, much is described about posture and its relationship to health and longevity, and is depicted in this ancient riddle:

"What is it that walks on four feet in the morning, 
two at noon, and three at night?" 


Greek mythology names one man, Oedipus, who solved the riddle by answering: "Man," who crawls on four limbs as a baby, who walks upright on two as an adult, and who walks with the aid of a stick in old age."


The riddle identifies postural instability as a person's most important obstacle to a path of health and longevity - 2,500 years ago. The interesting idea behind this riddle is that the same forces that strengthen posture in our youth also begin to destroy posture once we approach our adult size.
What Good Posture Can Do For You
The hamstrings and large back muscles, are critically important in maintaining good posture. Posture must be given the same importance as other healthy choices like exercising, eating right, resting well, etc. One of the biggest advantages of maintaining good posture is that is makes you more energetic, healthier, and enables you to move gracefully. Good posture is more about being conscious of yourself and in rhythm with your entire body. When your body is properly aligned, your bones, rather than your muscles support your weight and thus strain and effort on the body is greatly reduced. 
Good posture helps:
  • Improve organ function. 
  • Reduce tension and pain in neck, shoulders, and back.
  • Increase concentration and mental performance. 
  • Increase height. 
  • Increase confidence.
How to Manage Your Posture
One of the most important tips to establishing and maintaining good posture is being consistently aware of how you stand, sit, and move.
  • Most Important: Think Tall: Envision a string attached to the top of your head, slighting lifting and pulling you up. The chin should be horizontal and parallel to the floor, drawn back, and slightly centered. Try to stand, walk, and sit "tall" at all times.
  • One Position to the Next:  Staying in one position for too long will result in the muscles to eventually get tired and cause the body to get stiff or weaken, worsening posture. The best way to counteract this is to make sure that you are not in one position for too long.
  • Upright and Supported Feet:  Your feet naturally roll inward, causing your knees to bend and your back to slouch. This is the typical position for bad posture. Keeping your feet in this position will tire out your entire body, which will cause further bad posture. Make sure that you keep your feet placed upright and wear comfortable and supportive shoes to help with their placement.
  • Strength Building Exercises:  Age can weaken muscles, making it harder to maintain a good posture. In order to counteract the effect of aging on your posture, maintain an exercise routine to strengthen the lower back and legs.
  • Correct Positions for Stooping, Squatting & Kneeling: 
    For each of these positions, face the object, keep your feet apart, tighten your stomach muscles and lower yourself using your legs. 
    Correct Positions
What Dr. Sullivan Recommends for Treatment
Dr. Sullivan recommends Active Release Techniques to loosen up the tight muscles the create poor posture, especially in the lower back and neck muscles. Restoring proper muscle function and movement enables the body to respond properly to the forces that generate postural stability. In addition, to correct your poor posture and retrain the muscles, there is a under armour like shirt call the Intelliskin shirt which keeps you in a good posture. You can learn more about this posture shirt by going to
Exercises to Increase Strength for Good Posture: 
  1. Upper back foam rolling to increase the mobility of your upper back.
  2. Prone cobra to strengthen the weak muscles in your back. 
  3. Prone pushups to work on the extension in your lower back.
  4. Chin retractions exercises to strengthen your neck muscles.
  5. Glute bridges to strengthen glute muscles and take stress off of your lower back. 
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