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The Real Benefits of Walking
Walking has been known to be a beneficial exercise for people of all ages and from different health backgrounds. It is an easy But, why is it so good for you?
According to an American Heart Association journal, walking can lower people's risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes as much as running, with less stress on the body. And
speaking of stress, it is known to help reduce a person's stress level. Additionally, walking can strengthen your bones and improve balance and coordination. 
Comparison of Walkers to Runners
Researchers from Lawrence Livermore Labs in Berkeley followed some 33,000 runners and 16,000 walkers for roughly six years and conducted a study on the health benefits of the two exercises. When runners were compared to walkers who covered roughly the same distance and expended the same amount of energy during their exercise workouts (even though walkers took longer to do so), their improvement in cardiovascular risks were about the same.

If you only have 45 minutes to exercise, you are better off with vigorous exercise. But if you have unlimited time, walking for 90 minutes to cover the same distance you could run in 45 minutes gives you the same exercise benefit. Scientists call this
distance-based vs. time-based estimates of activity.

Why Do Europeans Walk More than Americans?
One of the main reasons Europeans walk far more than the average Americans is due to Active Transportation - the availability and use of public transit. Most Europeans walk to and from their transit which increase their overall physical activity on a daily basis. Countries that have a higher percentage of Active Travel actually have the lowest rates of obesity levels. 
Tips for Walking and Receiving Maximum Benefits 
  • Consider Technique -  Turn your walk into a fitness stride with good posture and purposeful movements. 
  • Plan Your Route -  While walking outside, steer clear of uneven turf, and cracked sidewalks and potholes. 
  • Get the Right Gear -  Choose shoes with proper support and stability, and wear bright colors and reflective gear, especially at night. 
  • Warm-up, Cool Down, Stretch -  Even if the walk is not that vigorous, it is important to ease into your speed by walking slowly before and after. Stretch after your walk.


Laser Therapy is the latest state of the art treatment technology that uses laser light to decrease pain, reduce inflammation, normalize cell function, and speed up the healing process.

Common Conditions Treated By Laser Therapy
Neuropathy                           Arthritis                     Achy/Stiff Joints      
Neck & Back Injuries            Shoulder Pain          Tennis Elbow
Muscle & Ligament Tears    Knee & Hip Pain      Trigger Points
Muscle Spasms                   Rotator Cuff Tear     Arch Pain  
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome     Herniated Discs       Planter Fasciitis 
Morton's Neuroma                Achilles Tendinitis    Shin Splints
Poor Circulation                    Bunion Pain             Nerve Pain
Non-healing Wounds            Stress Fractures

To schedule a complimentary visit, please send a request to Nicole and indicate a day and time that works well with your schedule. 

Note: This visit will only include the service of laser therapy. Regular appointments will still need to be made to receive other treatments.
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