02/2013Newsletter #1
Mill City Environmental Corporation
Brian Chapman, president and owner of the Mill City Environmental Corp., has been named the 2012 SBA Minority Small Business Person of the Year for the state of Massachusetts and for the New England region.


National Parks Service

'I found MCE to be an ideal Prime Contractor in the asbestos remediation and tank cleaning aboard the National Historic Landmark Vessel destroyer U.S.S. CASSIN YOUNG, owned by the National Park Service, in Drydock #1 at the Charlestown Navy Yard. Working closely with their subcontractor they grasped the scope of work and executed the work in a professional manner. Well done!"


Joseph Lombardi, NPS Representative,

Ocean Technical Services, LLC

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Mill City Environmental Newsletter
Dear Reader,

Welcome to the first ever Mill City Environmental Newsletter!  We hope you enjoy this article on the USS Cassin Young and how MCE played a role in its historic preservation.
USS Cassin Young: A Historic Success

Commissioned on December 31, 1943, the USS Cassin Young performed as the forefront of the US naval offensive against the Japanese throughout the remainder of WWII.  At the conclusion of the war, this mighty ship was awarded the Navy Unit Commendation for her invaluable service. The Cassin Young was decommissioned on April 29, 1960 and came to rest at the Charlestown Navy Yard.  This historic vessel now serves as a museum at the Boston National Historical Park and is maintained and staffed by the National Park Service (NPS).


Recently the retired ship was in need of repairs, but before crews could attend to the ship, the vessel needed to be properly cleaned and prepared.  NPS hired Mill City Environmental to abate asbestos and clean fuel tanks so the ship spaces could be safely accessed by the repair crews.  


The four month project included the removal and repair of asbestos containing materials from ten separate areas of the ship.  The tight quarters of the ship required creative engineering of containments and abatement plans to remove and repair the asbestos while preserving and respecting the historical integrity of the vessel.  Several areas of the historic ship could not be abated until MCE disassembled parts of the vessel to access the asbestos.


MCE also cleaned 18 fuel tanks and bilge spaces on the ship.  The tank cleanings involved the pumping of fuel that had been sitting in the tanks, in many cases, since 1960.  After pumping, all the tanks were cleaned and gas-free certificates were issued for each.  As with the abatement, the crew took extreme care to protect the ship spaces from fuel contamination.


MCE was pleased to lend their expertise and highly trained staff to this endeavor, ensuring the proper preservation of this historic ship.  MCE was praised by the NPS for completing the project on-time and within budget.   NPS staff repeatedly commented that "They had never seen abatement work done so well." And they were amazed that "You could practically eat off the floors in the tanks after MCE was done".  

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