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A New Direction For the RangeMarker
False Creek Harbour Authority "Clean Marine Certification"
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Career Training for Ports and Marinas
The RANGEMARKER is the newsletter of the Pacific Coast Congress of Harbormasters and Port Managers, Inc.
Membership of the PacificCoast Congress of Harbormasters and Port Managers, Inc. (PCC) is well represented by harbormasters, port managers, marina owners,corporations, firms and institutions of higher education. All of which, support the objectives of the Congress. If you are new to the profession, operate a marine facility or are involved in the marine industry and are looking for valuable and current information, membership in the PCC is your organization. Join today and see what the PCC members are doing in their ports and marinas.
For Membership Information please go to our web site at www.pccharbormasters.org


Professional Services & Vendors


Our Sustaining members are made up of individuals, corporations, firms, vendors or others desiring to provide financial assistance to the PCC and its objectives. They are an integral part of our organization and provide a wide variety of services to the marine industry. We encourage you to visit the following link and familiarize yourself with the services they provide. We hope any time you are in need of equipment, construction services, computer software, security and many other services you will take the time to talk with one of our sustaining members.  


Sustaining Members 



A New Direction For The RangeMarker

Hello to all of the members of the Pacific Coast Congress of Harbormasters & Port Managers Inc. (PCC). You may have noticed that you're now receiving the RangeMarker via email as an electronic document. As the new age of technology is upon us, it's important to change with the times and not get left behind. The new RangeMarker is created in a program called *Constant Contact* and is used as a tracking source to allow us to:

  • Receive real-time reports to know what is (and isn't) working
  • Track opens, clicks, forwards, social shares, and more
  • Integrate with Google Analytics to track your email links

The new look of the RangeMarker and change in way the PCC is getting this information out is something that has been discussed at our Board meetings and we are now happy to announce it's implementation!

With the change, the PCC is not only saving money on the printing costs of the RangeMarker, there is also significant savings on the postage to snail mail them out. More importantly, there are savings in the time it takes to put the letters into their envelopes and in making sure that all of the labels are correct and properly addressed.

Even with the new changes to the RangeMarker, we would like to remind everyone that this is the Newsletter of the Membership and it takes all of its member's involvement to truly be a success. We would encourage everyone to think about contributing an article or artiles. We recognize that at times when we're at the conferences during the Call of the Ports section, some individuals may find it difficult to stand up in front of everyone and talk about their Port, Harbor or Marina, but believe it or not we are all interested in what you have to say. If it is easier for you, we encourage you to submit your thoughts and experiences in writing.

With the cost savings from sending out the RangeMarker electronically, we may look at the possibility of increasing the editions from twice a year to quarterly with the goal to keep our members more informed. In order for us to accomplish this goal we need input from you, so I encourage everyone to submit an article. It doesn't have to be an award-winning article as it's the little articles and reminders about our organizations that tie us together. For example, we welcome articles about safety, home land security, staff insights, current or future projects, environmental issues,  customer service success stories, project s or just a funny story or cartoon. It all helps.  





False Creek Harbour Authority / Fishermen's Wharf - Clean Marine BC Certification




Recently, our 'Clean Marine' Certification had lapsed, and with all the staffing changes happening around our office it took us a little while to submit our current pre-audit documentation. In British Columbia (BC) the Clean Marine Certification lasts for 3 years and the audit is designed to regularly assess or reassess our commitment to improving the environmental practices of our Harbour and educating the user groups about ways they can make a difference. The audit looks at waste streams, the handling of contaminants, recycling programs, energy saving measures and a host of other "Green" initiatives. The idea is to measure our impact upon the environment and demonstrate a commitment to reducing those impacts over time. While Westport Marina in Sidney, BC was certified a number years ago under the pilot stage of the Clean Marine BC program, the False Creek Harbour Authority (FCHA) was the first BC facility to sign up for the full-fledged program. FCHA was also the first BC Port/Harbour/Marina to receive a "Four Anchor" rating. (Five anchors is the highest possible rating) due to our already sound environmental practices and has lead us to be recognized as a leader in Environmental Facility Management, receiving the Department of Fisheries and Oceans of Canada's Pacific Regional and National Environmental Stewardship awards.We hope to achieve the 5 Anchor rating and will be looking upon the facility users in the coming years to help us get to the next level. We are striving to be the first Harbour Authority in Canada to receive 5 Anchors!


Our 3year period ended in early 2013. We have submitted our pre-audit documentation in the spring of 2013 and have completed our onsite audit review this past month. Our inspector has an extensive environmental background and is contracted by the Georgia Strait Alliance to verify the information contained in our pre-audit documentation and conduct a thorough on site walkthrough to set an Environmental Anchor Rating. In fact, in a survey that was done, 86% of boaters said they'd be likely to choose a  Harbour/Marina or Boatyard that used Best Environmental Practices, even if they had to pay a little more to do so. I would like to encourage any Port, Harbour or Marina in any State or Province to participate in the Clean Marine Program that operates in your area and help the Environment help your Harbour!


Mike Loy - Harbour  Manager

False Creek Harbour Authority



Sunset on The Hook
"Lets go eat and come back when he's finished"



**Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

**Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Give him a fishing lesson and he'll sit in a boat drinking beer every weekend.

**A boss creates fear, a leader confidence. A boss fixes blame, a leader corrects mistakes. A boss knows all, a leader asks questions. A boss makes work drudgery, a leader makes it interesting.

Port of Bremerton CENTENNIAL


It was October 3, 1913 when the taxpayers of the City of Bremerton voted to create the Port of Bremerton along the waterfront of their city.  Since then, the Port of Bremerton, which celebrates its centennial all this year, has not looked back.  Although to many, the Port of Bremerton is known for its Bremerton National Airport or Olympic View Industrial Park, readers of this newsletter will know us for our two exceptionally maintained and staffed marinas in Port Orchard and Bremerton Washington on Sinclair Inlet in the Puget Sound.  An easy but beautiful one day sail from Seattle, our marinas are considered an ideal destination cruise through the central Puget Sound Rich Passage.  And with the daily foot ferry service thought the summer, you get to visit both the charming towns of Port Orchard or Bremerton regardless of what marina you choose to visit.  In recent history, the Port Orchard Marina was constructed by the Port in 1974 as a recreation development project along the Port Orchard waterfront.  It was expanded in 1984 and almost totally rebuilt in 1998 after a devastating snow storm.  Since them the t he Port Orchard Marina quickly established itself as the premier marina in the Puget Sound...just ask any of our hundreds of repeat boating visitors.  With the complimentary marina park and activity float, the marina is a perfect place for boating rendezvous'.  Then in the early 1990's the Port developed the small 47 slip Bremerton Marina as part of the City's waterfront development project.  That effort resulted in the Port being selected at the Washington Public Port Association's "Port of the Year".  But the Port did not rest there.  After years of stagnation in downtown Bremerton, the city commenced an aggressive revitalization campaign in the early 2000's.  A new transportation center, convention center, waterfront condos and hotels were constructed and for the first time, Starbucks and Anthony's Homeport Seafood Restaurant came to Bremerton. The Port's contribution to the city's revitalization effort was the greatly expanded Bremerton Marina that now features a massive breakwater park, wide public dock and over 300 guests and permanent moorage slips.  Considered without doubt as a "world class marina" visiting boaters enjoy the revitalized Bremerton waterfront and local newly constructed parks, along with museums such as the USS Turner Joy and Naval Museum that commemorates the 115 year legacy of U.S. Navy shipbuilding and repair along the Bremerton Waterfront.

So as the Port of Bremerton celebrates its first 100 years, we look back with pride in our completed projects that have improved the quality of life of its constituents building a sound economy in Kitsap County.  Please come visit if you have not been before and become yet another satisfied customer of our two marinas.


Tim Thomson



Know Your Customers


Customer service is an essential and fundamental part of our job and should not be seen as an extension of it. A harbors vital asset is not only boats, but also the owners, without them we would not exist. When we satisfy our customers they not only stay with us, they recommend us to others.



  Know who your customers are! We are in the business of customer service. We can only provide great customer service if we know our customer and what they want from us. Never forget that the customer pays our salaries and makes our jobs possible. Some customers are more difficult than others, but treating all of our customers with respect and courtesy is the key to providing great customer service.

  Be an excellent listener. Ask Questions and concentrate on their requests and concerns. A good listener will listen to their words and tone. Don't forget to watch their body language, it accounts for about 50% to 70% of a person's communication. 

  Make the customer feel important and appreciated. Treat them as individuals by always using their name. Be sincere, people value it. Thank them every chance you get, it shows you care and speaks volumes to others.

  Help the customer understand how your facility works. It will help reduce questions and concerns, and simplify transactions.

  Give more then what is expected. Go the extra mile. Think of ways to elevate your customer service. Don't raise your voice and keep calm when confronted by the angry customer. If you don't know the answer tell them so, and explain you will find the answer and tell them when. You may direct them to another person who can answer their question or even deal more effectively with them.

  Learn the power of "yes". We should always look for reasonable ways to assist our customers when they have a request. Always do what you say you're going to do, and do it in a timely manner.

  Don't be afraid to apologize and the customer will appreciate it. Remember that customers have bad days too.

  Get regular feedback. Encourage and welcome suggestions on how you can improve your service. Make your complaint process simple and review all complaints without bias. The more you know about your customer the better you will be at anticipating their needs.

  Value and appreciate your job. It will be obvious to the customer and promote a healthy interaction between you and your customers and promote your organization as professional and attentive. It is contagious and will promote respect from your customers.

Chuck Hackett

Deputy Harbormaster City and Borough of Sitka

Old saw off box
Re-use Your Old Electrical Pedestal Mount

Like most agencies Humboldt Bay Harbor District is looking for ways to lower operating cost, when the Marinas electric bill exceeded $100,000 it's time for a change. The marina which has over 200 slips knew that it could not continue to absorb these costs. One of the decisions that was considered and ultimately made was to install new power pedestals with meters and charge our boaters for their electricity use.

Our plan was to purchase the pedestals with meters then we would remove all the old ones and have a contracted electrician install the pedestals and complete the final connections. We handled all the prep-work, demo and disposals of the old power pedestals; we recycled the plugs and stainless plates that was part of the old units.   We did consider hiring an in-house electrician as some other marinas have done so with success, (see Marina Dock Age March 2012-article by Jerome A. Koncel,Click Here) after looking at our overall project and determining that the marina electrical wiring and transformers were in good condition we decided to install our own power pedestals with the help of a locale electrical contractor.

We were able to use the old pedestal conduit mounts and this proved to save thousands of dollars (see picture) also keeping ahead of the contracted electrician by removing the old units and making repairs as needed we were able to complete the project on time.

Reading meters is a time consuming task and making sure that the boats plug into their designated outlet is one thing that has its draw backs, but the end results is what the marina was looking for. Saving money  

Where is the next Conference?    
October 8-10, 2013  
We will converge on Eureka, CA with a beautiful venue and outstanding host, Suzie Howser with Humboldt Bay Harbor District. This will be a conference you don't want to miss.
Humboldt Bay, the second largest natural bay in California, remains an undiscovered gem that can best be appreciated by those who take the time to turn off the main highway to explore. Much of what we see today is a reflection of the early commercial development of the bay and the surrounding territory. There are many exciting, and often overlooked aspects to what Humboldt Bay offers for visitors and residents alike  careful preservation of the waterfront and its colorful history, a pristine environment that is the home to year-round and seasonal wildlife, and many recreational opportunities. There are many attractions in the area to fill your "down time" during the conference.
Check out the Humboldt Bay Chamber of Commerce.
Below is more information regarding our local area - Humboldt County California.
  ( click )Local Area 
"Career Training for Ports and Marinas 
uas logo                                                                Pcc Logo

About 8 years ago, the Pacific Coast Congress of Harbormasters and Port Managers began to discuss ways that they could increase the knowledge, skills and professionalism of employees of their harbours.  The president at that time, Ray Majeski, was the harbormaster in Sitka, Alaska so he turned to the local campus, University of Alaska Southeast, Sitka to investigate training opportunities for harbor employees.

The timing couldn't have been more perfect.  The Sitka Campus was applying for a grant which provided the opportunity to develop online courses at a non-academic level.  The courses were developed in close partnership with the Pacific Coast Congress of Harbormasters and Port Managers, the Alaska Association of Harbormasters and Port Administrators, the Harbour Authority Association of British Columbia, and Washington Sea Grant.  Drawing from these professional organizations, UAS partnered content experts with instructional designers.  The content experts were expert in the fields of Oil Spill Prevention, Fire Safety for Marinas, and other topics related to Harbor Management.  The instructional designers were expert in how to develop an engaging effective online course, but relied completely on the professionals to provide the content.  An education committee from PCC provided the initial direction for UAS to take and ensured that the result would be the kind of quality that would truly support the industry.

Ten courses now comprise the Career Training for Ports and Marinas program. PCC provides certificates at 3 levels.  Complete any 3 courses of your choice for Level 1 Certification, another 3 courses of your choices for Level 2 Certification, and the last 4 courses for Level 3 certification. The courses are:

1.      Marine Structures and Materials

2.      Facility Safety

3.      Oil Spills: Prevention, Preparedness and Response

4.      Fire Safety for Ports and Marinas

5.      Customer Service for Ports and Marinas

6.      Marina Utilities: Electrical Systems

7.      Marina Utilities: Water and Sanitary Sewer

8.      Hazardous Materials and Waste: Risks and Controls

9.      Harbor Operations and Planning

10.  Harbor Administration

All of the courses are offered online.  They take approximately 12-15 hours of actual work, but students are given 3 months to complete them.  Clear navigation instructions and tutorials are provided when students begin, so that even if they've never taken an online course before, they quickly learn how easy it is.  Content material is provided through text and pictures or audio lectures accompanied by notes; there are interactive self-check activities, and sometimes a short written account of an actual walk-about the harbor.  Students are in touch with the instructors for the courses by email.  Instructors are Shannon Kinsella, Ray Majeski, Larry Boyer, Alan Sorum, Eric Olsson, John Lewis and David Garrett.  All instructors are professionals in the field of harbor management.

Check out the UAS website to learn more about each course and about the instructors or to register for a course.  They cost $195 per course.  

Executive Secretary at 800.236.0748 or  click here to send an email

Cliff Maynard 
The Pacific Coast Congress of Harbormasters
120 State Avenue, PMB 231, Olympia, WA 98501
Toll-Free: 800-236-0748 Fax: 800-236-0748
Email: cmaynard3@wildblue.net or clmaynard2@msn.com 

Pacific Coast Congress Newsletter
August 2013