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 The Happy Body Project
Fall Series
September 2015

Fall Happy Body Project 
Oct 12 - Nov 23

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Sphericality's Open House: Saturday October 10

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Fall is nearly upon us, and our summer long Happy Body Project challenge has come to a close. Already, the faint traces of titian foliage - Mother Nature's semaphore for summer's end - signal the start to the seasonal deluge of beguiling pumpkin spice temptations. Whether or not you can resist the siren call of pumpkin and nutmeg, specially brewed, baked or blended to confound your olfactory receptors, please know that we at Sphericality are here for you. With harvest time treats lurking around every corner, perched atop adorable DIY autumn doilies or nestled in locally-sourced rust-colored basket filler, we know it's difficult to say no to pumpkin-flavored provisions. With this in mind, we've designed our next Happy Body Challenge around nutrition, set to begin October 12. Until then, check the schedule and - the next time you feel your pulse quicken and your pupils dilate at the sight of a pumpkin spice K-cup value pack at Costco, or the seasonal festoon of gourds snaking around the counter at your local Starbucks, or even that coquettish fall brooch pinned to your barista's apron - harness your desire and let your penchant for pumpkin fuel your next plank, side plank or triceps series. Afterwards, treat yourself to something seasonal - might we suggest the Autumn Spice Latte from Factory Fuel? As you anticipate that glorious first sip, please peruse our September newsletter for some important schedule changes and exciting announcements for the upcoming fall season. 

Happy reading! We'll see you on the mat.

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Sphericality's Client of the Month: Maggie Bell
My name is Maggie and I am from Pittstown, NJ. I am a 6th generation Hunterdon County resident and have lived here my whole life, except for a 3-year internship at Walt Disney World where I was part of the Entertainment cast. 

Sphericality's Teacher 
of the Month:
Jenn Stas
Jenn found her love for Yoga after a difficult time in her life when it seemed like there was nowhere else to turn. From the moment she walked into the
classroom, she knew Yoga was exactly what she needed not just physically, but mentally. "I signed up on a whim at the studio and my first class was with Lisa for Hot Yoga. First class. Hot Yoga. Who does that? All I know is I needed something, anything, to make me feel like a person again and sweating it all out seemed like the answer! When I walked off the mat after that first class, I went right up to Lisa and asked, how do I become certified?" Read more.

Studio News and Events
Open House is Rescheduled
Our apologies for the schedule change! Circumstances have required us to move the date of the Open House to October 10 from 8:00AM-1:00PM, so (re)mark your calendars and prepare for an awesome day of free classes and signature Sphere-style conviviality. 

SUP Teacher Training
Jenn Stas has been working tirelessly to put together an indoor stand-up paddle board training program for our Sphericality teachers. Come November, you'll be able to hop on board for yoga and Pilates. To filch the tagline from Johnny Tsunami - the 1999 Disney Channel Original Movie about a surfer
from Hawaii whose family relocates to Vermont for his dad's new job - "The temperature is down, but the surf is up." 
Chakra Balancing with 
Teacher of the Month Jenn Stas
If you're wondering if Chakra balancing means practicing headstands to Chaka Khan's greatest hits, the answer is, sadly, no. Still, this class is pretty awesome. In it, Jenn will lead you through some basic sun salutations, and then guide you through a meditation to bring back the balance that may have been thrown out of whack by those fast-approaching work deadlines, your kid's insane travel soccer schedule, or your recent intense fantasy football draft. Whatever your stressors - or even if you're just curious! - join Jenn this Wednesday from 7:15 to 8:15 to clear your head, energize your body and refocus your mind. It's free, so that's one less thing to fret about. Sign Up Now!

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Teacher of the Month Jenn Stas
Kick off your weekend with the September installment of Jenn's glitter series this Friday. It's like groovy power yoga with a pinch of glitter. It's funky and it's free, so tell your friends. Sign Up Now!
Speaking of Chakras
Check out this awesome and informative article written by Sphericality yoga instructor, Cindy Noren, published on Sivana this month. If you want to 
read up on more ways to 
balance your Chakras, 
read Cindy's article here.