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The Happy Body Project
Special Edition Newsletter

What's Next in our Happy Body Project?
Look out for our upcoming flyer! It will include everything you need to know about what's on the menu this summer. Right now, we're in the midst of planning a 4-week challenge that could win you and a friend a day of beauty (including an exfoliating body scrub at Main Street Massage Therapy and a treatment at Crystal and Company!). This project will run from 5/15-6/15.
Summer Long Happy Body Project
June 15-Sept. 15

Look for upcoming details about this exciting project!
Drum Roll

And the names for the Happy Body Girls in our front windows are:

Yin & Yang

Liz Davachi

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Our colorful, smiley face-filled challenge tally boards may have been taken down, but we still want to say congratulations to all of you, our Happy Body participants, for your outstanding commitment last month! We had such a great time wrapping up the challenge. Thank you to all who participated! We know some of you had other commitments and could not attend, so keep on scrolling for our wrap-up news and challenge winners. You'll also find out about some of our upcoming challenges and projects, as well as a special feature on our teacher of the month, Christine Nelson!
Happy reading! We'll see you on the mat.
Sphericality's Teacher of the Month
Christine Nelson
Motto: Keep Calm and Barre On
Christine's interest in barre fitness was sparked by an infomercial. She quickly realized that just watching the 
infomercial wouldn't help her become fit or healthy. The hunt for finding the perfect studio began and ended when Christine walked into Sphericality. Within 20 minutes of her first class (taught by Christine Houghton!) Christine was hooked on barre, and, soon after that, she decided she wanted to become a part of the teaching community. 


Weekend Headliner:
Sparkle, Flow & Vibrato. 

Yoga Diva, 
Natalie Levin

If you haven't heard yet, the Yoga, Opera, Glitter event on Saturday was nothing short of fantastically happy! To kick off her energetic and sparkling vinyasa class, Natalie opened with an aria from CarmenDuring the number, she gracefully navigated the sold-out, mat-to-mat room, brushing glitter onto all of the delighted and eager yogis in attendance. Natalie treated us to several more gorgeous numbers, pausing occasionally to give yoga cues. Turn on your volume and check out a snippet of the shimmering show by following the link below!


Award Recipients

Put your hands together for all of our tenacious participants and the recipients of the following awards:

First To Finish: Melissa Rzeznik

Melissa's Class Count

This Month: 59

Last Month: 32

This beautiful lady has totally embraced what the Sphericality community is all about. Her strength, drive and dazzling personality are just a few of the many reasons we love seeing her around the studio. I had the pleasure of meeting her lovely husband and beautiful little girl at our SAGE mixer.  

Congratulations, Melissa!

Most Total Classes: Stella Agaronin

Stella's Class Count

This Month: 78

Last Month: 82

Stella's commitment is unparalleled. Even with a trip to Disney over Spring Break, she was still able to attend 78 classes!  Isn't that crazeee? We absolutely love her, and the studio community wouldn't be the same without her.
Congratulations, Stella!


Socialite Award: Joyann Santoro

Joyann's Class Count:

This Month: 23

Last Month: 11

This gal went from a barre boot camp junkie to a functional fitness mixer upper! This month, she went to willPower, pilates, tn'p, yogalates and Zumba!  She supported our SAGE mixer and even encouraged a dear friend to join us.
Congratulations, Joyann!


Most Enthusiastic: Liz Davachi 

Liz's Class Count:

This Month: 39

Last Month: 20

This lady has the brightest smile and brings such great energy wherever she goes. Kudos for mixing up your schedule by trying new teachers and for your incredible support for what we do here.

Congratulations, Liz!


Best Selfie: Karin Schneider

Karin's Class Count:

This Month: 24

Last Month: 31

This gal managed to achieve this total even with a week away in Cali.  She managed to keep on truckin' with her barre workouts while she was thousands of miles away from the studio. I'm so proud that this lady, one of my BA warriors, has opened herself up to new modalities of exercise. Although they may not be "her thing," she knows they're good for her body and mind. She motivates me to deliver more in every class she attends. 
Congratulations, Karin! 

Here's her winning selfie - a sweet shot of Karin casually fitting in a quick water-ski on the Golden Coast. We totally dig the hat, too. 


Most Improved Player 1: Joanne Wakefield

Joanne's Class Count:

This Month: 20

Last Month: 7

This lady has shown so much enthusiasm and faith in what we do here. Her body has transformed so much this past month. I see it in her strength, stamina and her physical appearance.  Her commitment is a wonderful example of how our studio can enhance lives, and, in turn, how these bright lives make our community a happier, more beautiful place. 

Congratulations, Joanne!  


Most Improved Player 2: Jessica Long 

Jessica's Class Count:

This Month: 31

Last Month: 13

This gal holds a special place in my heart because I was here with her on her first visit. I saw first-hand the determination in her heart to make a change.  That was a short 3 months ago. Her body has transformed; she looks like a 3-year barre veteran in her form and execution, AND she has mixed up her schedule like crazy!  

Congratulations, Jessica!


Most Improved Player 3: Ellen Kuder

Ellen's Class Count:

This Month: 32

Last Month: 9

Don't be fooled by her cool, calm and quiet presence! This lady is someone I know to be extremely competitive and committed to her health and quality of life. This month, this all-barre-gal added in yoga, yogalates, pilates and TRX.  Her positive attitude, incredible energy and huge heart are just a few of the characteristics that have earned her this award. 

Congratulations, Ellen!

Weekend  Wrap-Up
Intro to 
SUP Yoga 101

Thank you to paddle board past 

master Jen Stas for the phenomenal playshop and presentation introducing us to Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga. Stay

tuned for more info on our 

upcoming special summer program!



Stomp The Stigma
Zumba with Live Drums

Thank you to the magnificent and multi-talented Rocky Schwartz and dynamic drummer Bill Noren for leading a fun and fabulous night of Zumba dancing to raise awareness and funds for NAMI last Friday. This is a brilliant cause, and we want to thank everyone for their participation and contributions last month. In total, Sphericality raised $1,754 for Hunterdon County's chapter of NAMI.