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Win a free TRX360 Small Group Training Session ThisWeek.
Fri. 1/2  10:45 BarreAmped w/ Christine H.
Sat. 1/3 8:00 BarreAmped w/ Christine N.
Sat. 1/3  8:30 LB Yoga w/ 
Sun. 1/4  9:00 Yoga w/ 
Mon. 1/5 10:45 BarreAmped w/ Dorian
Mon.1/5  5:30 BarreAmped w/ Christine
Mon. 1/5  7:00 BarreAmped w/ Laura
Tue. 1/6  8:30 FIRE w/ 
Tue. 1/6  9:30 Vinyasa w/ Alison
Tue. 1/6  7:30 Hot Yoga w/ 
Wed. 1/7  5:30 BarreAmped w/ 
Thu. 1/8  4:45 Pilates360 w/ Kelly

Attend any of the above classes during the Christmas break and you will have a chance at the end of class to win a free TRX360 Small Group Training Session.
Teacher of the 

Congratulations to our January 2015 T.O.M-Girl:
 Lisa Intrabartola!

Lisa has a 5  year tenure with our studio!  She has been with us since the very first day we opened! Thank you Lisa for your dedication, loyalty and commitment!

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T.O.M. Girl!

Workship Schedule

Be sure to look for upcoming Winter Workshops!  It's a great way to fill up those cold winter weekends when it's too cold to go outside to play!
Don't forget to pick up your guest passes.

Stop in the office or ask your teacher.  Bring a friend who hasn't been to the studio before.
Welcome to the first "Shaping Lives" eNews letter of 2015. We hope that you had a wonderful Christmas and that you enjoyed all of your holiday treats! You deserve it! We are so pleased with the studio attendance throughout the holiday season. Our clients are really committed! Give yourself a pat on the back for staying on track during this busy and tempting time of year.
"Real Stories" 
of Sphericality
Meet Lynne Baldwin Alleger

Grow old gracefully?  Most definitely.  Accept the bodily changes that accompany it?  Absolutely not!  Lynne decided that she was no longer comfortable with the changes happening to her body due to menopause and rather that "gracefully accept the fact that this was middle-age" she decided that she most certainly had control over what she could and could not change.  

 (Read More) 

Studio Lifestyle

"Introducing Small Group Fitness Training"

The verdict is in! It works!  Sphericality has launched its Small Group Training Program with TRX360. Our clients who have added in 1-2 sessions a week have seen exponential increases in strength and stamina. This new programming is intended to give our clients the opportunity to enhance their existing fitness regimens. The teachers for this program have acquired special training and will participate in continuing education. The smaller group size gives our teachers the opportunity to provide even more individualized instruction in a 45 minute session. 

The program was officially launched on December 11th.  The TRX360 sessions will cap out at 8 participants. Members can purchase special "members only" packages, and can redeem Perkville rewards points for sessions. Look for additions of new small group training classes in 2015.

Join us in the new year!

Through 1/15, take 20% off!
Log in to your account, go to the online store and enter the coupon code at checkout.
Studio News & Events

Auyervada 101 Workshop
with Martha Hernandez
January 10th, 12-3

This will be a fun, introductory immersion into the fundamental principles of Ayurveda, the science of life. This workshop is for anyone interested in learning about ways to feel healthier, more vibrant and more balanced using the basic concepts and guidelines of Ayurveda, the science of life and optimal longevity.(read more) 

Members: $40

Non-Members: $45

Studio Open House
for New Clients
January 17th
We will be hosting a new client open house on January 17th from 9:00-2:00.  Please note our revised schedule. PLEASE HELP US SPREAD THE WORD!!!
Double Perkville points (100) will be given for any referrals to this event.

Studio Congratulations

To Our Studio's 
New Moms!
Meaghan & Baby!

Congrats to Dana DeVito, Meaghan Hollywood, Robin Berberian, Kate Bradley and Rianna Costello. We will be following Meaghan's post-natal journey over the next 8 weeks. Watch for weekly blog posts. Thank you Meaghan for sharing! 

To Anne Boyle on Her Retirement

Congratulations to Anne Boyle on her recent retirement as Director at Hunterdon Hospice!  (I hope I got that right Anne.) Anne is a beautiful person inside and out, and is truly committed to herself and others. She is an avid cyclist, and January 13th will mark her three year anniversary with us. We look forward to seeing Anne in morning classes now! Please congratulate Anne.

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