"Shaping Lives"

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Can you stand the "suspense?"
If you've been "hanging" around the studio, you may have heard some scuttlebutt about a great new program coming your way!  
Stay Tuned!!!
Teacher of the Month:
"T.O.M. Girl"
Tammy Snider

Let's continue to tell Tammy how much we appreciate her!
You can leave Tammy a note on the T.O.M. Girl Wall of Fame any time this month!

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Fall Schedule
Be sure to look for additions and changes to our Fall Schedule.

Coming October 17th 
8:00 am Yoga Basics
with Erica!
Don't forget to pick up your guest passes.

Stop in the office or ask your teacher.  Bring a friend who hasn't been to the studio before.
Welcome to "Shaping Lives" eNews. Fall is here, and busier than ever for most.  It's more important than ever to remain diligent about your fitness routine!  Schedule out a month of classes today. If you need to change one out that's ok, just make sure you choose another to replace it right away.
"Real Stories" 
of Sphericality
Meet Ellen Kuder

 There are a lot things I consider when selecting our Client Spotlight of the month.  There are so many of you with wonderful stories to share.  My main criteria in selecting someone is how this person's story has inspired and touched me and how that story can do the same for others. This month, the person I asked to share her story is Ellen Kuder.


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Studio Lifestyle

"Fit & Healthy Through the Seasons"

It's Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
If you haven't scheduled that mammogram, pick up the phone and do it now.  There is a women's imaging center right down the street on Walter Foran Blvd.  
(908) 284-2300

Wear Pink Next Week!

Let's show that we are aware and CARE by wearing pink to your classes next week (that goes for you gents too.)  Teachers will be taking class selflies that we will print and hang in the lobby and post on facebook and instagram.
Studio News

Fall Open House

Thank you to all who attended our Fall Open House.  It was a great day!

Studio Surveys
How are we doing?
Thank you to all who answered our most recent survey.  It is so helpful so we can bring you the programming you want at the times you want.

Look for one or two more follow up surveys to come your way.  Please, please continue to fill them out.

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