Prophetic Words from Conference:

You are receiving this e-mail because you registered to attend the Precisely the Prophetic Conference with Prophets Russ and Kitty Walden in Branson, Missouri the weekend of June 3rd. 

We are deeply committed to bringing personal prophetic ministry to those who support our ministry. In advance of your attending the conference we have prepared a prophetic word on audio for you. Those words are found below. 

If you didn't follow through and attend the conference you may still find a prophetic word given over you below. Also BE SURE to forward this e-mail to any friends you registered as guests as they won't receive this unless you forward it on to them. 

If you don't see your name below just go to and make your request from there. To access the links below just click on the one with your name and then choose "save as" to download it for safe keeping. You will also be able to find these words under the "Past Meetings" section of our ministry website. 

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Prophetic Words:

Abe Koontz.mp3

Alan Davenport.mp3

Albert Riwa.mp3

Anthony Hallman.mp3

Anthony and Virginia Buffington.mp3

April Shenandoah.mp3

Becky Coad.mp3

Beth Van Wieren.mp3

Catherine Evers.mp3

Cathy Privitt.mp3

Chris Didlot.mp3

Cindy Didlot.mp3

Danielle Price.mp3

Danielle WIlliams.mp3

Debbie Prothero.mp3

Debbie Stolle.mp3

Demetrius Coad.mp3

Dennis Coad.mp3

Diana Gerber.mp3

Don Johnson.mp3

Don and Sue Matison.mp3

Doug and Julie Copple.mp3

Dwayne and Sharon Harrison.mp3

Edith Saller.mp3

Edna Wiebe.mp3

Fred and Glenda Wyss.mp3

Gary and Deborah.mp3

Georgia Jernigan.mp3

Helen Cramer.mp3

Hilda Ricketts.mp3

JP Brooks.mp3

James Miller.mp3

Janalee Quigley.mp3

Jay and Karen Brundage.mp3

Jeanne Johnson.mp3

Jeremy Dillabough.mp3

Jim Axtell.mp3

Jo and Ed Brenneman.mp3

Josh Koontz.mp3

Karen Hillhouse.mp3

Ken and Terri Allen.mp3

Kendall Call.mp3

Kitty Walden.mp3

Lane and Jan Franklin.mp3

Larry Hillhouse.mp3

Lawrence Davis.mp3

Lisa Thomas.mp3

Lorna Doss.mp3

Margie McNeil.mp3

Mark and Lisa McCabe.mp3

Matthew Ranker.mp3

Matthew Warren.mp3

Matthew and Kathleen Conway.mp3

Melissa Estes.mp3

Micah Hunter.mp3

Mike Foster.mp3

Monique Smith.mp3

Naomi Koontz.mp3

Patchis Malugani.mp3

Pauls Smith.mp3

Peggy Earley.mp3

Rebecca Tice.mp3

Renae Tomlinson.mp3

Ruth Wolf.mp3

Said Lounis.mp3

Sarah Koontz.mp3

Shatonna Hampton.mp3

Shauna Jackson.mp3

Sheri Milburn.mp3

Sorae Bradley.mp3

Steve Axtell.mp3

Steve and Ellen Cowan.mp3

Susan E.mp3

Susan McKissick.mp3

Susan Watson.mp3

Tammie Call.mp3

TerryLynn Cooper.mp3

Tina Harper.mp3

Tony McKissick.mp3

Tonya Smith.mp3

Trisha Ruth.mp3

Trya Hunter.mp3

Tyla Duckworth.mp3

Vicki Kriese.mp3

Woody Melcher.mp3

(Note - those registering after June 1st will not see their name listed above, please go to the website to request your prophetic word). 

God bless you! It is our privilege to wash your feet in the prophetic!

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