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Friday, March 25, 2016 

I want to brag a little bit about the fantastic CoLA Leadership Team that we have.  They are a great collegial group that works hard for their individual units and for the college, always looking out for what is in the best interests of our students.  CoLA has 11 departments and 1 school with 12 wonderful chairs, one center (CELIA) and one institute (APRI) each with a visionary leader, as well as a hard-working dean's office staff.  I greatly value working with each of these leaders to advance their units, strategize next steps, and plan for the future.  In good or challenging times, this is the team to have!  Thank you CoLA Leadership Team - you are Simply THE BEST!!

Front row: Jerri Killian, Urban Affairs & Geography; Ava Chamberlain, Religion, Philosophy, & Classics; Jennifer Buckwalter, Dean's Office; Herbert Dregalla, Dean's Office; Sarah Twill, Social Work; Carol Herringer, History.  Middle row: Tracey Steele, Sociology & Anthropology; Glen Cebulash, Art & Art History; Randall Paul, School of Music; Kristin Sobolik, Dean; Marie Hertzler, Modern Languages; Daniel Craighead, Dean's Office; Mary Rucker, Communication; Susan Stollings, Dean's Office; Stuart McDowell, Theatre, Dance, & Motion Pictures.  Back row: Carol Loranger, English; Michael Wiehe, APRI; December Green, Political Science; Hank Dahlman, CELIA.  Missing from photo:  Linda Caron, Dean's Office 
The College of Liberal Arts Faculty Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity Grant Program provides funds to encourage college faculty to pursue scholarship that produces works of the highest quality.  We received 15 proposals and were able to fund ten proposals with either full or partial funding for a total of $27,876.  Congratulations to the following CoLA Research Award recipients:
  • Pascale Abadie and Kirsten Halling, Modern Languages:  Voiceless Women in Senegalese Rap, $3,000
  • Karen Lahm, Sociology: A Study of the Impact of Women's Therapeutic Court Upon the Reentry of Women Offenders, $1,500
  • Karla Huebner, Art: Czech Modernism, $4,000
  • James Carter, Social Work: Intimate Sexual Express in Assisted Learning Residents, $3,400
  • Kathryn Meyer, History: Air Manchuria: The Army Behind the Mask, $2,976
  • Chinonye Chukwu, Motion Pictures: Fiction Feature Film, Clemency, $2,600
  • Barry Milligan, English: A Public and Private Profession: The Medical Professions and Popular Culture in Nineteenth-Century Britain, $2,500
  • Fatuma Guyo, African & African American Studies: Transformations in Pastoralist Women's Roles in Northern Kenya, 1990-2012, $2,000
  • Nicole Richter, Motion Pictures: Academic Textbook: Introduction to Film Courses, $3,400
  • Jessica Penwell Barnett: Sociology, Violent Mobilities, $2,500
The CoLA Ad Hoc Research Committee helped select the award recipients.  I formed the committee this year to help strategize ways on which we can support and increase research in the college.  Faculty members represent the five constituency areas within the college as indicated in our bylaws, and include La Fleur Small, Sociology, who is the chair of the committee and also CoLA's elected representative to the Research Council; Valerie Stoker, Religion; Jonathan Winkler, History; Sally Lamping, English; and Joe Deer, Theatre.  The committee will present their ideas to the college at a future date. 

If you can, get tickets to see The Music Man over at the Festival Playhouse. It is a fun musical that really showcases our talented singers, actors, and dancers, and takes place in River City, Iowa - representing Mason City, Iowa just 30 miles from where I grew up. I recognize some of the characters! A few tickets remain for shows this weekend and next.  
I hope you will make time to visit the Student Union on April 15 to enjoy some of the many events taking place at the 2016 WSU Celebration of Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activities. CoLA has selected Joseph Panfile, History, to represent the college during the first penary session beginning at 8:50 a.m. in the Apollo Room.  A senior honors student, Joseph will speak on Legalism and Communal Obligations in the Peasants' Revolt of 1381.  To see a complete schedule of events and learn more about this celebration, visit here
This week's Dean's Student Advisory Board featured member is Lauren DukeLauren is a senior dual majoring in Anthropology and Political Science and minoring in Marketing. With her degree she hopes to pursue a career in politics and to eventually be the Press Secretary for the President of the United States.  Lauren is involved in various student organizations on campus.  Last year she was a Morale Captain for the largest philanthropy event on campus, Raiderthon.  This year she is the Internal Director and oversees five chairs that make up the Internal branch. She is also a member of Delta Zeta Sorority.  Lauren is a new addition to this year's DSAB and is very excited to help make a change and foster a positive impact on students' college experiences!  
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Kristin Sobolik
Please check out the many upcoming activities planned through our Center for Liberal Arts Student Success (CLASS). 


There is so much going on over in the School of Music this time of year. Check out all of the performances, concerts, artist series, and recitals. Their calendar can be found HERE.