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Friday, December 5, 2014 


My family and I had a wonderful Thanksgiving last week. The time off gave me a chance to reflect on all that I am thankful for, including this great College of Liberal Arts. Thank you for the time, energy, and commitment you give to benefit our fantastic students and programs!

A big Congratulations to Kirsten Halling, French, who received the 13th Annual International Education Award at a festive presidential reception in the Student Union Atrium on November 20. This award honors a student, faculty, or staff member leading efforts to internationalize the campus and community.  Kirsten was recognized for her hugely successful Summer Ambassador Programs to France, for her leadership in annual French Immersion Days for high school students, and for work advancing internationalism in the community. Félicitations, Kirsten!

L to R: Provost S. Narayanan, Kirsten Halling,
UCIE Director Michelle Streeter-Ferrari

Congratulations also to Forest Wortham, CoLA Advisor, who has just been published in Academic Advising Today through NACADA (National Academic Advising Association), the main organization for advisors. Forest's article on Intrusive Advising: At Risk Students on a Commuter University Campus discusses his methods for reaching and retaining our at risk students. I am glad to read about Forest's ideas and that he is sharing them with others. Our Advising Office is on the front lines in our goal of retaining students. Thank you Forest, Kathleen Kollman, Ann Barr, Mel Brown, and LaKeysha Catron for all of your innovative, hard work in this area.


Karen Lahm, Sociology, took her SOC 3740: Penology class on a tour of the Dayton Correctional Institute this semester. During this course the students typically visit one women's prison, one men's prison, and the county jail and talk to inmates and prison officials to get some "real world" exposure. They also learn about programming opportunities in prison as well as the pros and cons of our correctional system in Ohio and the country.  Many of them are interested in corrections as a future job, so this allows them to see what life is like behind bars (some love it and some say "no way"!).  What a wonderful opportunity Karen is providing our students to get out of the classroom and learn in a different way!    


Chris Hall, Englishjust returned from a trip to China where he explored collaborations and connections with other universities including Xi'an where we are considering a 3+1+1 agreement for our TESOL (Teaching English as a Second Language) program. Chris is a great ambassador for Wright State and his expertise in this area is perfect for such international programmatic explorations and negotiations. Chris has been a faculty member for 26 years, and his first job at the university was to put together an ESL (English as a Second Language) program for international students. Chris then created and is now the program director of the TESOL program, whose graduates teach English all over the world in public schools, two- and four-year colleges, and in intensive English programs.  Chris also started LEAP (Learning English for Academic and Professional Purposes), which is considered one of the highest quality intensive English programs in the state and the best in this region.  LEAP has grown from 16 students in 1996 to over 300 students from over 17 different countries!  These programs provide the centerpiece of our success in remaining relevant in an increasingly globalized society, and to delivering high quality programming for our expanding international student population. Kudos and a big Thank You to Chris for his ingenuity, creativity, and just plain hard work in helping bring these important programs to fruition and maturation.    


This week's  Dean's Student Advisory Board featured member is Dennis Wilson. Dennis has already earned an associate degree at Sinclair and will be graduating this year with his Bachelor's Degree in Liberal Studies. Dennis believes that studying the liberal arts, like communications and philosophy, has been extremely important to helping him achieve his ultimate goals in education. After graduating, Dennis wants to attend Harvard for Psychology and eventually pursue a doctoral program. Outside of DSAB, Dennis is part of the Dayton Performing Arts Association where he serves on a marketing committee to bring the arts to colleges, and a development team to create scholarships for students to experience the arts. Dennis also works at Sinclair with their branch of National Society of Leadership and Success. Just last week I had the privilege of attending a large NSLS conference that attracted over 500 high school students to Sinclair to be exposed to and learn more about leadership and success. It was a very impressive and affirming event - all envisioned and organized by Dennis! Kudos Dennis!

Good Luck to everyone on Finals Week!


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