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Friday, April 4, 2014 

As I sit in sunny Arizona, I read with interest on the English Department's Facebook Page that they are embracing Wright State's innovation theme and setting the pace for the future of literature studies by having all of their curriculum focus on one text.  The Road.  By Cormac McCarthy.  Hmm.  My first thought was that I wonder where the dean has been during these discussions.  My second thought was that The Road is a little dark.  My third thoughts were about our excellent TESOL and ESL faculty, and our graduate program, and Shakespeare and British Literature, and poetry.  And my fourth thought brought me back home to April Fool's Day.  Sometimes I can be a little slow.  Well Played, English Department!  Well Played.  Way to make my day!  There is always something of interest on their Facebook Page.  Check it out, and be greeted by a very happy, bouncy lamb.


Ohio's 2014 Capital Budget was signed by Governor Kasich this week and Wright State University will receive over $14.8M for facilities improvement across campus.  In addition to $5M for campus-wide classroom maintenance and improvement, CoLA will receive $3.65M for the Creative Arts Center Modernization and Expansion, part of which is for the New Media Incubator.  The New Media Incubator is a collaboration between Communication and Motion Pictures faculty, staff, and students to provide the space, technology, and synergy to envision the media of the future.  We are very excited about these projects as we work to improve our infrastructure for student engagement.


The Department of Communication, and Chair Melissa Spirek, hosted the Rotary District 4-Way Speech Competition here on campus this past weekend.  Over 150 students, family, and Rotarians attended, and the overall winner was Sabrina Dong, a junior at Lakota West High School whose speech focused on how failure can be used as a learning experience.  The competition was directed by Rotarian Debbie Dulaney, Travis Greenwood and family donated the beautiful trophies, and we provided 33 judges and excellent logistical help by Tracey Hill, Communication, and student assistants Danielle Dakin and Tony Botkin.  And I hear that Herb Dregalla, Dean's Office, provided an introductory speech that fit the 4-way criteria perfectly.  Thank you all for making this event successful!  I sure hope to see this event on campus again next year - it is a great example of innovative recruitment.   Department of Communication Administrative Specialist Tracey Hill Rotary District 4-Way Speech Competition trophies designed by.  Photo courtesy of Mass Communication senior Tony Botkin.  

Spectacular!  That is the word used to describe Opera Theatre's performance of Mozart's fantasy opera The Magic Flute this past weekend in Schuster Hall.  The scene was 1960s NYC with business people alongside flower children and go-go dancers.  Kudos to Music students Kylene Terhune as Queen of the Night, Lorraine Rohrer as Pamina, and Isaac Tobler as Papageno, and the rest of the cast of characters.  Kimberly Warrick, Music was the director, Ginger Minneman, Music, was the Conductor, and Steven Aldredge, Music, was the accompanist.  Great Job to All!


Tonight the Social Work Club is sponsoring Kids Night Out for children in foster care, an event started 3 years ago by then student and current alum Nancy Grieshop, Social Work, to provide foster parents with a 3 hour respite.  WSU students and faculty will engage in recreational activities with the youth, ages 6-16.  The event is located in the student union, including the climbing wall area, and 27 youth have pre-registered, the largest group yet.  Have a great time! 


The Dean's Student Advisory Board (DSAB) is hosting an event and panel discussion on Women in the Modern World on April 7 starting at 6:30 in the Apollo Room.  Panelists will include former Dayton Mayor Rhine McLin, Jane Keiffer, Artemis Center Clinical Services Director, and Andrea Harris, English.  All are welcome!  The event is organized by students Phillip Logan, Political Science, and Emily Bingham, English.  I have been very impressed with our DSAB.  They are interested in improving students' experiences here at Wright State, as well as providing thought-provoking programming such as this year's panel and last year's event on Sex Trafficking.  DSAB President this year is Spencer Brannon, Political Science and Economics, and next year's President will be Julia Stidham, Political Science.  DSAB has changed their by-laws and now require cross-college student representation on the board.  Applications are due today to the Dean's office and interviews are being scheduled for next week.  I look forward to working with this new group of students next year. 

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