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Friday, February 21, 2014 


I see the end in sight as I look out of my office windows and observe the geese staking out their territory in the old Quad.  I love watching the seasons change out of my windows, and this year I am relishing the melting snow.


This was a great week for CoLA in the News! 


On Monday the Dayton Daily News (DDN) reported on upcoming legislative funding slated for capital projects at local colleges and universities.  Wright State is in line to receive $14.71M for some exciting projects including $5M for classroom maintenance and upgrades and $3.65M for the Creative Arts Center modernization and expansion, $1.4M of which is for the New Media Incubator that will provide the venue for our Mass Communication and Motion Pictures programs to explore emerging interactive forms of communication technology that transcend disciplines, expand their fields, foster collaborations, explore and develop future technologies, and increase regional and state-wide economic impacts.  Not that we are expecting a lot.  This article was on the front page of the paper above the fold, for those of you who still get your news the old-fashioned way.


On Tuesday the DDN reported on the Creative Industries Economic Impact report by our Center for Urban and Public Affairs (CUPA) for our Center for Excellence in Collaborative Education, Leadership and Innovation in the Arts (CELIA). The report indicates that the creative industries -broadcasters, publishers, printers, advertisers, artists, performers, theaters, cinemas, camera shops, commercial photographers and agencies - contributed almost $800M in labor income and $2.4B, yes BILLION!, in sales last year to Raider Country.  This is a huge impact for our region!  Thanks to CUPA for conducting the report, and to CELIA for soliciting it.  This article was on the front page of the Life and Arts section, again, above the fold. 


Also on Tuesday the DDN reported on social media in high schools and how private companies can monitor potential threats.  Melissa Spirek, Communication, provided her research expertise on that topic to illustrate that it isn't a "one size fits all" solution.  That article appeared on the front page and in the online version the night before.  I'm not sure if there is a hierarchy with online articles - research for another day.

                              Student Classroom Building                                    Neurosciences and Engineering Collaboration Building 


Check out the construction as it is happening with the Construction Web Cam for Student Classroom Building and the Neurosciences and Engineering Collaboration Building.


There is a lot of activity on campus as two new buildings are going up, even during this weather.  Every time I see the two cranes on the horizon, one on the south side of the union and one on the north, I hear the dueling banjos in my head.  The building furthest along is the Neuroscience and Engineering Collaboration Building that will bring together scientists and physicians focused on biomedical and neuroscience research.  Occupancy is expected in 2015.  The building closest to University Hall is currently called the Classroom Building and will provide for larger capacity, active learning classrooms, a 125 seat auditorium, and the consolidation of University College Student Success areas.  Occupancy of this building is also expected in 2015.  Next on the docket is the groundbreaking of our own Creative Arts Center modernization and expansion.  The Groundbreaking will be at 2:30 on April 11 - ALL INVITED!! - with everything finished by the end of 2016.


Our Pathways to Success program on Monday was very exciting and successful!  We had a huge turnout by our academic and advising contingent, as well as student organizations, admissions, the Emerald Jazz and Cheerleaders, and Rowdy.  We also had a great turnout of 150 perspective students and family.  A fun time was had by all.  Thank you to everyone who helped make this day such a success!


LEAP is holding their Open House today from 12-1:30.  Come check out their new space in 106 Allyn Hall.  We are excited about their growth, high quality programming, and larger office area in which to spread out.  I have been told the snacks are going to be very tasty. 


It is great to be a part of an organization that is planning and growing for the future success of our students and the region.

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