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Winter, 2013 - Vol 1, Issue 1
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 Happy New Year to all of you and all of your families.  Thank you for being so patient with me.  I am trying hard to pay off this debt.
              a consumer
Dear Shirley,
    I want to thank you & let you know how much I appreciate your patience and understanding.  Please tell the agency to continue to be nice and understanding.  There are people that do  appreciate it.
      Thanks again, 
              a consumer
Hi, I'm Rick Brammer, President of United Credit Service.  I would like to welcome you to the premier issue of Your ARMor, our quarterly electronic newsletter. 
 2012 was a big year for all of us here at UCS, beginning with me.  I joined Jim Cox as co-owner and president back at the end of January.  Since then, we've all been busy. Techology upgrades were made system wide, along with a company re-branding and the launching of our new website.
With all of that, it's been pretty exciting around here. But, with all these changes, I want to assure you that one thing that has not changed is the dedication of our team. You will never meet a more devoted group of indiviuals all working together to provide our clients and their consumers with the best service we can provide. When Jim and I were first talking about becoming business partners, I was intrigued, but after meeting the team and then understanding their longevity not only in A/R management, but here at UCS, I was sold. And to prove my point, it wasn't long after I first began working here that we received a call from a company that wanted to partner with us.  After all the business formalities were completed, I asked about how they had come to know about us.  The person hesitated for a second and then told me about a time, back in the day, when they had gotten into some financial trouble and we were the collection agency that had worked with them to get their debts paid off. "I know first hand how your collectors treat people." I was told. 
As we look to our future in 2013, we will always search for creative solutions, products, or services that add dimension to our company and create value for our clients--that's our promise as a value added provider. We will also never forget how to treat people--with compassion, respect, and understanding.
Best regards,       
The Winds of Change                                                                                              by Lisa B
When the winds of change blow, some people build walls and others build windmills.  
                                                                         -Ancient Chinese proverb  
I love this quote, it really speaks to me.  I love the imagery it conjures up, the way it motivates me to embrace change.  That's a good thing too because, as we all have learned, the only one constant is change.
Here at United Credit Service, we are the builders of windmills.  It's not that we can't see why some build walls.  But, windmills, they are inspiring.  Utilizing the winds of change-it's simply brilliant.   


 In 2012, UCS built many windmills.  The first produced our new website.  It's got a new look and a lot more functionality.  Not only can you learn about us and the services we provide, but it allows greater access for our clients--if you haven't checked it out recently I encourage you to do so. check out our website here  Another update on the site is the new online payment option for consumers.  You asked, and we listened.  The online payment option gives consumers the option, in either English or Spanish, to make a payment from the comfort of their own homes.  Our website is also where you can access all of our blog postings.  If you haven't read the blog, please check it out. It is full of a lot of good information and tips.  check out our blog here


Another windmill that went up this year gave us technology upgrades.  I'm sure you've heard the idiom, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure," by Ben Franklin. In a continuing commitment to provide clients (and consumers) with the best possible data security and operating efficiency, UCS invested in system-wide upgrades.  We started by upgrading to the latest and most up-to-date versions of both our server and firewall which of course was like painting just one or two rooms, it snowballed.  Installing an IBM Power Series 7 as our server allowed us to also upgrade to the latest release of Quantrax, the award winning and industry leading Customer Relationship Management System we operate. Utilizing advanced technology is just one of the tools we use to ensure compliance and provide our clients with the most effective and efficient service possible. 


To quote Rick from earlier,"We are always looking for creative solutions, products, or services that add dimension to our company and create value for our clients."


If you are looking for a solution to a problem or have thoughts on how we can better serve you, we welcome feedback, inquiries, and/or suggestions.click here


New Program - Insurance Claims Collection 
Rejected Claim   
As many of you already know, getting insurance companies to pay on submitted claims can be a tedious and time consuming task.  Delaying and/or denying payments is such a common occurrence in the health insurance world your precious resources--time and money--are constantly being squandered as employees chase down payments by having to review, evaluate, call and cajole the insurance companies, and then finally resubmitting the claim, hoping for better results. 


This is another case of, you asked and we listened. A client approached us and asked us to develop a program to deal with this ongoing problem. 


 UCS can effectively maximize insurance claims collection by using our experienced, knowledgeable Insurance Claims Collection Specialists coupled with our high-tech customizable insurance collection process.


Our insurance claims collection staff average over 8 years of experience in medical billing and have many years of experience solving reimbursement issues. We know how to crack the bureaucratic code that stands in the way of you and your revenue.


Computerized workflows and system decision logic enable our Collection Specialists to be very efficient and productive. Our computer generated work lists are prioritized by account characteristics.  With our clients; we can strategically analyze and prioritize the accounts by financial class, A/R balances, and/or age of account--don't lose any more money because of timely-filing limits.


Since the program's inception, we have cleared more than 80% of the accounts placed. 


This A/R management program has us working as an extension of our clients, not as an outside billing or collection company.  This allows us to work directly with Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial insurance companies.  With access to a clients' billing system, we can research claim disputes, rectify denials, file appeals, and resubmit corrected claims all while fully documenting everything in a clients' own system.


If UCS identifies trending in billing errors--and we have--we notify our business partners to eliminate those recurring insurance denials.


If you would like more information about this or other programs, click here


 Fun & Games  


Television Couples.  Name the TV show represented by the TV couple.  The person who submits  the correct answers first, wins a prize.  Good Luck! 


1.     1970's     Against his better judgment, Stewart often got help with solving crimes, in San Francisco, from his wife Sally.


2.     1980's     Fun loving David convinces former model Maddie to rebrand her agency and go into business with him.


3.     1990's     Teenage Angela has crush on heart throb Jordan.


4.     2000's     Ex CIA agent Ed, runs a casino as wife Jillian expresses growing resentment of Ed's time on the job.


5.     2010's     Police detective Danny keeps NYC streets safe while wife Linda takes care of their two boys and picks up shifts at the hospital.     


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