April 2113

 openMadera Canyon Both Open and Closed 

Though signs say "Closed" Madera Canyon roads and wilderness areas remain open. Parking in the lots, however, is not allowed and restrooms have closed signs. Staffers responsible for these amenities are on mandatory furlough. Only law enforcement officers remain on duty. Our Forest Service partners join us both in frustration and in hope that the lapse in federal government funding will soon end and we can again enjoy the canyon's full potential.

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 natureseriesNature Series Dates 2013-2014

All presentations will be by Doug Moore and are scheduled for 2:00 PM Thursday afternoons at Green Valley's Community Performance & Art Center. Tickets will be available at the door at five dollars each.
  • December 5th: The Nature of Madera Canyon
  • February 13th: Flowers of Madera Canyon
  • April 3rd: Birds and More of Madera Canyon
  • June 12th: Reptiles and Amphibians of Madera Canyon




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 accessAccessible Trail Walk Volunteers

Rozanne Roman will be leading accessible trails walks with La Posada this month on the mornings of Thursday October 10th and Thursday October 24th. If you can help please call Rozanne at 520 490-0652 or 520-625 1269. It will only be for a few hours and all volunteers will be invited for lunch. On the 24th many active docents will be busy on a school nature walk in the canyon so help will be especially important. No experience is necessary.

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 tourismFriends at the South Arizona Tourism Expo 

A tourism attraction expo is being held by the Green Valley Sahuarita Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday, October 15th from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM at the Quail Creek Madera Clubhouse. Volunteers are needed to attend our FOMC table and help the public learn about our activities in Madera Canyon and the various programs we offer for the FOMC. If you could help out with tabling for this event for an hour or two, please call Dita Hagen, phone: 248-2681. It should be a good event and your help would be appreciated.

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farmerVolunteers for the
Wednesday Farmers' Market

It's time to schedule staffing for the Friends of Madera Canyon table at the Wednesday Farmers' Market in the Green Valley Village Mall from 10:00 AM to Noon each Wednesday starting October 16th. Volunteers will provide information about Madera Canyon and sell our merchandise. We hope you can find time to help us out with this endeavor. Please contact Judy Maury at 520 777-4993 or mauryje@aol.com and let her know what dates work for you.

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 pecanFriends at the Pecan Festival 

Once again the FOMC will be providing both Madera Canyon information and a children's coloring table at the Pecan Festival on Saturday, November 9th from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Volunteers are needed to staff  2 hour shifts for this event. This has been one of our more successful public events and is also a fun one to attend.  If you can help out for a shift with us please call Judy Maury, phone: 520 777-4993. We can also use some help with the kids' coloring table at our booth.

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 leadershipFriends of Madera Leadership

Many reading this are already showing leadership by example and donation. Would you also be willing and able to serve on the Friends of Madera Canyon board? If so, or if you would like to suggest some other good candidate, please send a note to info@friendsofmaderacanyon.org or Friends of Madera Canyon; PO Box 1203; Green Valley, Arizona 85622-1203.

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Thank You for Your Support
Upcoming Events

Friday, November 8th
Board Meeting, 9:00 AM at Friends In Deed

FOMC Board

Board Members
Tom Purdon (President), Willem Van Kempen, (Vice-President and Treasurer), Louise Gibbeson (Secretary, Special Projects and Fund Raising), Judy DePasquale, Louise Gibbeson (Education and Special Events), George Cottay (VP Marketing, Newsletter Publisher, Web Master), Dita-Erika Hagen (Archives, Preservation, Nominating, Marketing), Wally Lamb (Visitor Information Station, Storage and Inventory), Jerry Popham (Bat House Research, Special Projects, Mailing), Judy Thoreson (Miles and Hours, Annual Meeting), Judy Maury (Marketing Group), Larry Johnson (VP Operations).

Doug Moore (Director of Education), Ruth Maloblocki (Retail Sales), Sondra Dexter (Scholarships), Mike Staples (Canyon Clean-up), Ellen and George West (Membership and Dues Administration), George West (Newsletter Editor), Rozanne Roman (Accessible Trails).

Friends of Madera CanyonWebsite
Have you explored the various links and available resources?

Save the Scenic Santa Ritas
Working to protect the Santa naturestoreRita and Patagonia Mountains

rarebirdClick here for the Tucson Audubon Society rare bird alert list. Madera Canyon sightings are often included.

wildflowersMadera Canyon

Those who have the Field Guide to Madera Canyon Wildflowers by Joan W. G. Lewis know why it has received rave reviews. The beautiful illustrations make it a small art book. Its simple organization by color makes it a useful field guide.

You can purchase a copy at Friends tables and events or at the Friends Nature Shop.


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