April 2113

It will be a great day in Madera Canyon, especially if you are there.  Click on the poster for the full schedule and make plans to participate.
  • Friends old and new
  • A variety of bird walks, this year featuring  noted professional guides Laurens Halsey, Jeff Babson, Melody Kehl and Sally Johnsen
  • Birding activities for children
  • Displays and friends from: 
    • Tucson Audubon Society
    • Tucson Herpetological Society
    • Arizona Native Plant Society
    • Friends of Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge
    • Hummingbird Monitoring Network
    • Save the Scenic Santa Ritas
    • United States Forest Service.
    • Friends of Madera Canyon
  • Lunch from Outlaw BBQ
  • Feeder bird watch at Madera Kubo B&B , Chuparosa Inn and Santa Rita Lodge 


People from all over the world travel
to Madera Canyon to be guided by
Laurens, Jeff, Melody and Sally.

Don't allow this great opportunity to slip by you. Advance registration is required for their bird walks as numbers are limited.

Click on the poster for schedule and registration information.

hmnHummingbird Monitoring Network

George Cottay photo used with permission

Do you love hummingbirds? Will you lend them a helping hand? The Hummingbird Monitoring Network is a science-based, project driven, non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of hummingbird diversity. They are enlisting volunteers to help at the monitoring site in Florida Canyon at the Santa Rita Experimental Range Station Work Center.

The Hummingbird Monitoring Network needs people to help with changing out the hummingbird feeders at the site. You would also have the opportunity to observe hummingbirds up close during a banding session.

Please contact Elissa Fazio, HMN Volunteer/Outreach Coordinator at esquared@qwestoffice.net or by phone at (520) 326-1449 (Home) or (520) 869-6385 (Mobile) for more information. FOMC members and HMN volunteers George West, Willem and Johanna Van Kempen, and George and Ann Cottay can also answer your questions.  George West is one of the network's scientist founders.


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votingVoting Reports
Thank you to all who returned board election and bylaw modification ballots. All three board nominees were elected: Judy Thoreson, Carol Lambert, and Dita-Erika Hagen.  Though totals for the change in approved fund deposit funds and the addition of an indemnity clause are not yet official, they are both receiving almost universally positive support.

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  flowersShare Monsoon Flowers

Tom Vezo photo used with permission.

Winter moisture seems to have been too scant and early for a profusion of flowers. When monsoon rains arrive we may yet enjoy outstanding displays  in and near the canyon.  If you would like to share what you are seeing with other Madera Canyon lovers, send your pictures to fomcphotos@gmail.com

If our collection of pictures reaches critical mass we will be sending a special Flowers edition of this newsletter.

Thank You for Your Support
Upcoming Events

Friday, May 3rd
Board Meeting, 9:00 AM at Friends In Deed

Saturday May 4th. International Migratory Bird Day, 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM at Whitehouse Picnic Area in Madera Canyon

Friday, June 7th
Board Meeting, 9:00 AM at Friends In Deed

Friday, July 5th
Board Meeting, 9:00 AM at Friends In Deed
FOMC Board

Board Members
Tom Purdon (President), Willem Van Kempen, (Vice-President and Treasurer), Carol Lambert (Secretary, Special Projects and Fund Raising), Judy DePasquale, Louise Gibbeson (Education and Special Events), George Cottay (VP Marketing, Newsletter Publisher, Web Master), Dita-Erika Hagen (Archives, Preservation, Nominating, Marketing), Wally Lamb (Visitor Information Station, Storage and Inventory), Jerry Popham (Bat House Research, Special Projects, Mailing), Judy Thoreson (Miles and Hours, Annual Meeting), Judy Maury (Marketing Group), Larry Johnson (VP Operations).

Doug Moore (Director of Education), Ruth Maloblocki (Retail Sales), Sondra Dexter (Scholarships), Mike Staples (Canyon Clean-up), Ellen and George West (Membership and Dues Administration), George West (Newsletter Editor), Rozanne Roman (Accessible Trails).

onwebon the web

Sky Island Tours

Sky Island Tours is an environmental education and eco-tour company run by Jeff Babson specializing in bird, butterfly, arthropod and natural history tours and programs in southern Arizona including Madera Canyon. Jeff tailors tours to match the pace and interests of participants. "If you can't tell a Turkey Vulture from a Zone-tailed Hawk, we'll teach you. If you are an avid lister looking for White-eared Hummingbirds or Elegant Trogons, we'll take you."

Click on the bird logo above to see Sky Island Tours on the web.
Friends of Madera CanyonWebsite
Have you explored the various links and available resources?

Save the Scenic Santa Ritas
Working to protect the Santa naturestoreRita and Patagonia Mountains

rarebirdClick here for the Tucson Audubon Society rare bird alert list. Madera Canyon sightings are often included.

wildflowersMadera Canyon

Those who have the Field Guide to Madera Canyon Wildflowers by Joan W. G. Lewis know why it has received rave reviews. The beautiful illustrations make it a small art book. Its simple organization by color makes it a useful field guide.

You can purchase a copy at Friends tables and events or at the Friends Nature Shop.


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