November 2012

teaA Tea Among Flowers
Time is Short for Tickets
Joan Lewis Watercolors

Tickets for this Friday's Tea Among Flowers and silent auction of Joan Lewis watercolors will not be sold at the door, so now is the time to buy your tickets online here or at the Green Valley/Sahuarita Chamber of Commerce. Tickets purchased online will be held in your name at the door.

Doors open at 11:30 AM, with the tea from 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM at the St. Francis-in-the-Valley Episcopal Church, 600 S La Canada Drive. Space is limited so advance purchase of tickets is necessary. Again, tickets are available online here or from the Green Valley/Sahuarita Chamber of Commerce at $10.00 each with tickets purchased online held for you at the door.

The watercolors are all original work done for the book A Field Guide to Madera Canyon Wildflowers. They are not reproductions. Each comes with a signed certificate of authenticity, is professionally matted and is one-of-a-kind.  Small previews of the watercolors can be found here.

If you cannot attend the Tea watercolors can be purchased in advance on our shopping pages at a cost of $200 each.  At the Tea bids begin at $75 and you can even have our event photographer take your picture with artist Joan Lewis and your watercolor.

Tea and auction proceeds will support the work of the Friends of Madera Canyon.

Artist Joan Lewis at work in Madera Canyon
(picture from Tamara Kahrimanis)
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activeFrom the President
Is it time for you to become more active in the Friends?


The Friends of Madera Canyon is blessed with dozens of active volunteers who serve with high levels of energy and commitment. We need a few good people who will join the work of keeping everything held together by volunteering for service on the board. We have several members whose terms are expiring.


We have special needs for someone who enjoys planning and coordinating special events, or has interest in accounting or other financial activities, or would help coordinate some of the volunteer committees. The only serious requirements are a willingness to participate with enthusiasm and to attend eight to ten board meeting each year. We try to take a month or two off in the summer, but planning and management of activities go on all year (thankfully email makes it easier).


Our board is dedicated and really enjoys our work together for the Friends and for the visitors to the Canyon. I extend a call to anyone who feels like they would like to become more active with the Friends. Please give me a call at 520 648-7080, or contact another board member. I hope you will!


Tom Purdon



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 membershipMembership 2013

George West reminds us that members who are paying dues annually either have or soon will be receiving a letter with a reply envelope. Please respond with your renewal, seriously consider moving your membership up to the next level, and check some of the boxes to show your interest in volunteering.

If you are not a member of the Friends of Madera Canyon please do join. The cost is not great and member funds are put to excellent use. Information on membership is here and you can join online.

The costs of continuing our popular 4th grade School Nature Walks in the canyon and in-school programs for classes not able to go to the canyon are constantly increasing. We also need support for the adult educational programs such as the Nature series currently underway. This year we are planning for the renovation of the Amphitheater site for outdoor lectures and other programs and for a donor/memorial wall to permanently recognize those who have made a major contribution to the Friends.

P.S. The next time you see George West you might want to thank him for the work he does with membership along with his other contributions to the Friends.

As well as awarding this certificate the USFS will be installing a bronze plaque in the canyon recognizing the work of Friends of Madera Canyon. Your membership makes a difference.

 whatbirdWhat Bird is This?
With this newsletter we present a quick look at two species of birds that are in southeastern Arizona in winter. They look a lot alike - both small brown birds with small heads. Can you identify them?   Want a hint? One is common and one is rare. Identifications and more characteristic pictures are available here.

George West Photos

geologyGeology Brochures
Thanks to the work of Richard Conway with a supporting cast of Doug Moore, George Cottay and Louise Gibbeson the Geology of Madera Canyon brochures are ready and they are flat out gorgeous.  You will see them at the Visitor Information Station, the Santa Rita Lodge and public events like the Pecan Festival and the Farmers' Market.

 wildflowersMadera Canyon Wildflowers Book 
HummingbirdThose who have the Field Guide to Madera Canyon Wildflowers by Joan W. G. Lewis know what the fuss is about. The beautiful illustrations make it a small art book. Its simple organization by color makes it a useful field guide.

You can purchase a copy at Tea Among Flowers or at the Friends Nature Shop.

Board Members
Tom Purdon (President), Willem Van Kempen, (Vice-President and Treasurer), Eileen Buckel (Secretary), Louise Gibbeson (Education and Special Events), George Cottay (VP Marketing, Newsletter Publisher, Web Master), Dita-Erika Hagen (Archives, Preservation, Nominating, Marketing), Wally Lamb (Visitor Information Station, Storage and Inventory), Jerry Popham (Bat House Research, Special Projects, Mailing), Judy Thoreson (Miles and Hours, Annual Meeting), Judy Maury (Marketing Group), Larry Johnson (VP Operations).

Doug Moore (Director of Education), Carol Lambert (Fund Raising, Special Projects, Finance/Audit), Phil English (Boy Scouts), Ruth Maloblocki (Retail Sales), Sondra Dexter (Scholarships), Mike Staples (Canyon Clean-up), Ellen and George West (Membership and Dues Administration), George West (Newsletter Editor), Rozanne Roman (Accessible Trails).

Thank You for Your Support

Upcoming Events

Friday, November 9th A Tea Among Flowers

December 7, 2012, 9:00 AM
FOMC Board Meeting at Friends In Deed

January 2, 2013, 9:00 AM
FOMC Board Meeting at Friends In Deed

January 15, 2013
Nature Series: Richard Conway
Geologic History and Make Up of Modern Madera

Saturday January 19th Annual Meeting at the Green Valley Recreation East Center on Abrego at Esperanza. Coffee and pastries at 8:00 AM with the meeting itself at 9:00 AM. Noted Fred Lawrence Whipple Observatory interpreter Dan Brocious will be the speaker.

Spring 2013
Nature Series: Doug Moore
Birds of Madera Canyon
Varieties of birds, where and when they can be found
on the web

santaritaThe Santa Rita Lodge not only has a new web site but also a new display area. 

In a show of support and appreciation for the contributions to the canyon by the Friends Of Madera Canyon the folks at the Santa Rita Lodge generously gave a 2' X 6' X 4' display space in the Lodge.
We are now able to show people who we are and what we do in the canyon. The display is configured so we can simply and quickly change it to meet our needs at any given time.
In addition to the space they have agreed to sell some of our merchandise.

The next time you are up in the canyon stop in the lodge to see our display, browse through their retail shop and thank them for their support.

Thanks also to Larry Johnson for making this happen. 

natureseriesnature series 

The first Nature Series of the 2012/2013 season was held on October 23, 2012. Keith Stanford's presentation focused on the Apache of Southern Arizona. He told of the Apache legends from the area. He played the Native American flute and told us about the different tones of the flute that depends on the wood used and demonstrated several flutes that he had made.


Carl Perry played an Anasazi type flute to demonstrate the difference of those from the newer flutes.

 The next event in the series is slated for January 15th with Richard Conway. Geologic history and make up of modern Madera Canyon.  




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