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Suzanne Kunkel
Executive Director
"Our impact depends on our partners. Ranging from funders, to the organizations that provide internships for our students, to our Opening Minds through Art (OMA) sites, to the agencies that collaborate with us on research, these partners keep our work grounded, meaningful, and forward looking. Some of our most important partners are our alums, who serve as ambassadors of our mission and role models for our students. " 

omaMiami's OMA Receives Designation from State
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Miami University Scripps Gerontology Center's
Opening Minds through Art (OMA) program was recently designated a Quality Improvement Project by the Ohio Department of Aging (ODA). It's one of only eight approved programs to meet the state's requirement for such designation.

OMA's one-on-one art-making sessions are designed to tap elders' creativity and imagination rather than their memory.

PhD Graduate Job Placement Chart
placementOur Gerontology PhD Graduates have 100% Job Placement Within Six Months of Graduation
  • 38% got post-doctoral research fellowships
  • 31% were hired in tenure-track faculty positions across a variety of social science departments in the U.S.
  • 19% were employed as non-tenure-track faculty at domestic and international universities
  • 12% were employed in research positions at universities and private sector organizations
Meet Two PhD Graduates

Lydia Manning, PhD

Lydia is Associate Professor of Gerontology and Director, Center for Gerontology at Concordia University in Chicago, IL. Lydia's research and teaching agenda reflects her commitment to the interdisciplinary exploration of aging in the United States. As a social gerontologist, she investigates complex and pressing problems related to aging, health, and well-being through independent research that integrates the perspectives and methodologies of gerontology, sociology, and women's studies.

Takashi Yamashita, PhD

Taka is Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas. Taka's research focus is predictors of health and well-being in older populations. His specific areas of interest include geographic access to health resources, lifelong learning, health literacy and chronic disease management. His teaching interests are medical sociology, social gerontology, and advanced quantitative research methods. 

Research finds areas for improved strategies at Ohio nursing homes

Ian (Matt) Nelson, Scripps Gerontology Research Scholar
Researchers at Miami University Scripps Gerontology Center say nearly all of Ohio's nursing homes have plans in place to respond to emergencies, but not enough facilities are coordinating efforts with hospitals, emergency responders and public health officials.

"100 percent of the responding nursing homes have an emergency plan," said Ian (Matt) Nelson, Scripps Gerontology Center Research Scholar. "But almost 50 percent of the facilities who responded indicate they do not work with their local partners to coordinate their plans."

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The mission of the Scripps Gerontology Center is to do work that makes a positive difference in the lives of aging individuals, their families and communities, and to meet the needs of aging societies. This mission is accomplished through excellence in research, education, and service. 

Founded at Miami University in 1922, the Center is one of the nation's top centers for research in aging. Scripps conducts the core of its research on a state and national level in the areas of demography, long-term care, program evaluation, and arts and dementia programming.