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Dear Fellow Law Alumni: 


It's February, and that means Valentine's Day is here.  In the last few e-newsletters, I asked those of you who met his or her sweetheart at NSU Law to share their "how we met" stories with the law alumni community.


I am so pleased that several of you were willing to share your story for this special edition. My husband, Adam Scott Goldberg (JD 1995) and I are also Nova Law sweethearts. We met each other in the ATLA/ Moot Court Office, which is now Seminar Room #1.  ATLA is now known as Nova Trial Association. We met in September 1993 and married in May 1999. 


A very special "thank you" goes to our alumni who have shared their stories with us.  If you have a sweetheart story to share, please send it to me with some jpeg photos. We hope to continue this tradition. 


Read on and enjoy!  Happy Valentine's Day.





Elena Rose Minicucci, NSU JD, 1996

Director of Alumni Relations



Sharon Berger Cooper, JD 1997, began her law school career at St. Thomas Law School.  She transferred to Nova in January 1996.  She was not happy when Nova told her that her Civil Procedure class, 3 credits at St. Thomas, was insufficient to comply with Nova's requirements and she had to retake the class.  She begged the Dean to make an exception, to no avail.  So there she sat in Professor Michael Dale's Civil Procedure class when she met Glenn M. Cooper, JD 1998... read more.

Lisa Goldberg, JD 1984, met her future husband in Professor Gail Richmond's Federal Income Tax class in the fall of 1982.  She sat in the first row, left side, while Glenn J. Garrett, JD 1983, sat in the last row, right more


Khila Khani, JD 1994, was in a very lively section when she was a 1L, and made friends with many people she stays in touch with to this day. One particular friend,  David Schnied, knew someone that would be perfect for her... read more.

Gina Messinaa 2014 JD candidate had just moved to South Florida and did not know anyone.  One evening, at the last minute, Gina decided to go to a birthday party for her sister's friend.  As the night progressed, her "designated driver" was no longer sober so she decided to take a taxi home.  That's when Josh Higgins, (JD 2011) then a 3L at NSU Law, more


Kimberlee Otis JD 2009, first met Michael DeBiase, JD 2009, as 1L classmates.  They were each dating other people at the time, and remained friends for their 3 year law school career, until the very end of their 3rd year... read more.


Greg Popowitz, JD 2009, thinks "love at first sight" is too cliché.  But he and Ashley Prager PopowitzJD 2009 met at the end of their 1L year at NSU Law through mutual friends.  Greg got to know Ashley socially and wanted to be more than "just friends" but  Ashley was already dating someone else... read more.


Brooke Ruytenbeek (Golub), JD 2005 met her Nova Sweetheart during 1L Orientation.  She was staffing a table to answer questions about law school when she looked up and saw a handsome blonde-haired guy with a great tan standing in front of her... read more


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