BSAC Believes in Sanctuary Schools & Climate Change

BSAC Presented its new 
Climate Change Curriculum
BSAC members have been collaborating with BPS science teachers to develop official BPS climate change curriculum. BSAC presented the curriculum at the BPS Science Awards to announce that the web site just went live.

Visit climatecurriculum.comcheck it out, and spread the word!  You can download multiple curriculum for students in elementary, middle and high school!  Topics include rising sea level, greenhouse effect, renewable energy, carbon emissions, watershed, and the Boston Harbor. 

"Students need to feel they are safe, not just told they are..."

Boston Public Schools are a 
Sanctuary for Students

BSAC members Edward Tapia and Fania Joseph testified with other teachers, students, and parents about their experiences in the Boston Public Schools and advocated for BPS to become a sanctuary for students. 

We are thankful to the City Councilors who voted unanimously to pass a resolution to affirm sanctuary schools in the Boston Public Schools.

For more information about student and immigrant rights please visit  


BSAC has also been busy advocating for Solar Access, Environmental Protection, Juvenile Records Expungement, Decrease in High Stakes Testing, and increasing Civics Education