We're ending the year strong with four major wins for Boston Students!

Read below to for more about the amazing successes that have been achieved through youth organizing this spring.

1. MBTA Youth Pass Forever!

Starting this September, young people ages 12 to 25 will be able to purchase a reduced-price monthly MBTA pass. The pass will be available to all youth ages 12 to 18, along with low-income youth ages 19 to 25, making our Youth Pass one of the most inclusive in the country.

This victory is made possible by nearly a decade of powerful, youth-led organizing. Thousands of young people took part in this campaign in marches and rallies, writing letters and testimony, and more. Read the news coverage!

2. Mayor Gives BPS $5 Million More in Funding

After two massive student walkouts, media attention from across the country, and hours of testimony from students, families, teachers, and community members regarding the negative impact of the BPS budget shortfall, Mayor Walsh committed an additional $4.7 million to the budget.
3. Student Takeover of Budget Forum

"I'm glad this happened. It was so much more authentic, so much more genuine. I learned a lot just letting you guys take the reigns," said Superintendent Chang o
n June 7th after a budget forum he and members of his finance team were facilitating. The young people in attendance took over the meeting to have their concerns addressed and questions answered.

Thank you to Dr. Chang and members of the BPS Finance team David Bloom and Eleanor Laurans for being receptive to the concerns of students who have been advocating for a fully funded BPS budget. 

4. Boston Student Rights App Version 2.0 Launch

Boston Neighrborhood Network News features BSAC App
Boston Neighrborhood Network News features BSAC App

Please contact us at info@youthonboard.org for more information.  


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