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Youth Power Leads the Way...Again
Several thousand BPS students took to the streets chanting "BPS!" It was breathtaking. There hasn't been a rally this big on Boston Common in years. 

Students left school to protest a budget shortfall that would result in cuts to teachers' jobs, classes, and supplies.

They shared their frustrations, dreams, and demands for the future of their education.  

BSAC/YOB and BYOP's experienced organizers played key roles:

  • Organized students 
  • Helped lead the charge
  • Acted as MC's
  • Facilitated getting numerous students to testify at the State House during a hearings on funding equity and high stakes testing. 
This event got tremendous local and national press - here are just a few!
Watch this video!
#BPS Walkout Voices from the Grassroots
#BPS Walkout Voices from the Grassroots

Please let us know if you have any questions or want to support the cause of Youth Voice in public education and beyond!!

Youth on Board
Maria Ortiz
Network Liaison, Office of Engagement

Jenny Sazama

Director, Youth on Board