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Savina Tapia Speaks Out 
at Restorative Justice 
Press Conference
BSAC member Savina Tapia traveled to Dayton, OH to participate in the official release of the Accountability Guidelines on School Pushout and Charter Schools by Dignity in Schools Campaign (DSC)

Savina delivered a moving speech about her experience at a charter school at a press conference that also featured parents and local leaders from Dayton and New Orleans speaking about the lack of accountability around school discipline in charter schools in their states. The press conference was held in conjunction with the DSC Week of Action to end school pushout.

Watch her speech!
Savina Tapia at DSC charter accountability press conference
Savina Tapia at DSC charter accountability press conference
Read the full guidelines here.

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Youth on Board & BSAC
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Jenny Sazama

Director, Youth on Board