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Gameroom Sketch
A Team Approach

Happy New Year! As the holidays fade, my hope is that you're looking back on the past month with fond memories of time spent with family and friends. I'm sure you've made resolutions as I have, while reflecting on the past and looking ahead to the future. January always reminds me of clients who have embarked on projects, as it's the perfect time to start anew and to begin that long awaited renovation or new construction.

Judi Stoogenke

When starting a project, it's important to understand that architectural design is comprised of conceptual drawings of a structure that unifies both exterior and interior space. However, developing a beautiful interior where function matches beauty is of paramount importance. For this reason, we are pleased to include in-house Architectural Interior Designer, Judi Stoogenke, at the beginning of our projects.

Not to be confused with an interior decorator, our Architectural Interior Designer, Judi, is fundamental to the design-build process as she is involved with the architectural interior components of your home. The process of building or renovating is extremely complex and involves many decisions. Architectural aspects often take priority and when a professional like Judi is involved, the homeowner has the opportunity to 
determine functionality and usability of the space in a much more intimate way.

Our approach involves open communication, asking questions to understand family routines and personal preferences. Being open to client needs allows Judi to offer suggestions and identify problems that may need to be solved right from the start. With over 25 years of experience, Judi is instrumental in providing solutions 
that can avoid common pitfalls of changes in the field. For example, asking lifestyle questions early on has led to clients modifying plans such as selecting different appliances, relocating a laundry room, adding a second sink in a kitchen or bath, and more carefully defining the storage needs in a closet. Making these decisions early avoids delays and additional costs.

During the initial planning stages of the remodeling process, months go by and many long hours are spent pouring over line drawings and construction plans without seeing anything concrete. Visualizing these plans can be difficult and many homeowners cannot envision what a final layout will look like prior to installation. To make this easier, Judi sits with clients going over hand-drawn sketches like the one below, which is practically a lost art in this day and age. She says:


"I absolutely love to be able to work through ideas in 'real time' by hand sketching right in front of our clients as a means of expressing a thought.  We can accomplish so much more in so much less time! To be able to represent ideas in sketch form allows our clients to immediately respond and become fully engaged in the process. It makes it a fun and interactive experience." 

Bathroom Sketch

In addition to hand sketches, Judi works with clients flushing out details in colored CAD drawings. She is highly trained in kitchen and bath design and her specialties include conceptual design, space planning, and millwork and cabinetry design. Her knowledge and expertise help facilitate a smooth transition from concept to reality. 


CAD Drawing

We are pleased to have Judi as part of our team and our clients are thrilled as well! One of our clients recently stated:

"Judi is a delight to work with. She is incredibly well versed and experienced in kitchen design. With her experience comes impeccable attention to detail - an essential component of the process. Judi really spends the time getting to know YOU as the client as well. She wants to create a kitchen that will work for you and your family rather than what she would want. She works tirelessly to make sure her clients are satisfied and comfortable with the end product. Judi is simply a kitchen ninja! She has complete command over each area of a kitchen and understands what is necessary to make sure it all functions seamlessly." 


We are committed to achieving the best outcome for your building endeavors and Judi is the perfect complement to our team approach. If you're thinking about a renovation or building project this year, call us at 203-664-1303 to see how we can assist. Also, please visit our website by clicking here to be informed and inspired. We look forward to exploring your building and design plans with you!

Rick Krug
TR Building & Remodeling