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Historical Homes, Modern Updates

Connecticut and its quaint villages and towns are full of American history. When we think of the home of the free being built, these New England whistle-stops truly are the visage of our country. Picturesque neighborhoods with common stone walls and beautiful architecture are some of the many reasons my family began moving up here long ago. 


With many homes in the area dating back to the 1700s, New England homeowners face the possibility of living within a home still outfitted with by-gone era amenities which can be frustrating when a family expands or needs change over time. When clients come to us contemplating a renovation on their historic home, they may be pleasantly surprised to know that their modern day dream kitchen, bathroom or other interior space can become a reality. 


The home pictured above dates back to the 1700s and is filled with the charm and character of the age. The clients desired to add an updated master bedroom and garage space that was accessible through the main house. During the design process, the goal was to blend the addition in with the existing structure. In the end, the renovation maintained the curb appeal of this original enchanting colonial while giving the homeowner the additional space they needed. This home also boasts the modern luxury of a heated driveway so shoveling snow has become a by-gone chore!


We recently worked with a client who resides in a home built in 1865. Back in that era, bedrooms were extremely tiny with little or no closet space and narrow hallways were the norm. Our client envisioned a master suite with modern amenities. By combining two small bedrooms and part of a hallway we were able to create a master suite with a walk in closet and larger, more luxurious bathroom. The design combined function with style and flows nicely within the existing structure  To maintain the original home style, attention to details include historic molding around doorways and bathroom mirrors in addition to period style doors with glass knobs. 



As with any remodel, unforeseen challenges arise when you're working on an existing structure. When dealing with historic homes, unconventional framing is almost always revealed because construction, like everything else, has changed dramatically since the 1700s. When working on a 200+ year old home, we often find that the framing was done with whatever materials were available back then. The framing is often undersized and the wall studs go in random directions. Sometimes it's hard to believe a structure like that has been able to withstand the test of time! Once the skins are pulled back and the studs are exposed, the support structure is brought up to meet today's current building codes. This brings comfort to the homeowner as well as being a potential benefit if the home is placed on the market and subject to a home inspection.


TR Building & Remodeling takes great strides to fulfill client needs in both function and style. If you're thinking about remodeling call us today at 

203-664-1303 so we can assist you in living a modern life in your historical home!

Rick Krug
TR Building & Remodeling