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Calendar of Events



June 16 - 27

CAST Team Training
Grants Pass, Oregon

June 21
Grants Pass YMCA
Autism Sensory Booth

June 28
2:00 pm
CAST Graduation
Schmidt Family Vineyards
330 Kubli Road
Grants Pass, OR

August 6
6-7:30 pm
Pursuit Church
Grants Pass, OR

October 19
1-5 pm

7th Annual Fido Fun Fest

A Day for Dogs and their People

 Irvine, CA


Honors and Memorials

In Memory of Samantha  Instructors at the San Bruno Dog Obedience School.

In Memory of Cynthia Regius The Retired Teachers of Gonsalves - Diane Merrick, Janice Jacobson, Toni Sung, Wendy Wald, Alice Okumura, Vicki Mato, Alva Shell and Zorica Cheppo.

In Honor of Jacob Wiebe and Michael Dooley
by Roxanne Baudry

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David Anderson
David and Armida Bannon
Victoria Davis
Rory and Dorith Dooley
David and Jana Duffner
Laurie Lane
Linda Magginetti
Morton McDonald
Lewis and Julie Merges 
Lou Pitts
Melanie Rader
 Paul and Linda Ruggiero
Frank and Janice Thornquest
Kristin and Racquelle Vellandi and Family
Gary Vlahakis
Laurita deYoung
Rogue Valley Kennel Club
Premier Nissan
Pet Nutrition Center
Women Fellowship of Union Church 
John Gogian Family Foundation
Chesney Fundraiser Donors
 George and Tresa Chatigny
David and Sarah Cook
Brad Coyne
Beverly J. Gepfer Charitable Foundation
J. Michael and Phyllis Hannigan 
Maureen Van Tuyl
Kennel Wish List

Please help our new students settle in by donating to CAST
Any donation, large or small, helps with turn-in expenses such as vet bills, transportation and medical tests.  Sturdy dog toys, dog treats, shampoo, and flea control products are always needed as well.
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Dog food is always needed...
currently we're feeding 
Kirkland Nature's Domain

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It's our favorite time of year again! In just a few weeks, Canine Angels will hold our annual Graduation ceremony, honoring this year's group of clients and their dogs.  A few dogs have already been matched with their partners, but right now, the remaining six dogs are participating in their final training sessions, fine tuning their commands and gearing up for what they've been working so hard for.


Team Training will begin on June 16th, and on that day, these dogs will get to meet six families who have traveled from near and far to join them in this amazing journey. A few days into this ten-day class, the people and pups will have listened to lectures, been paired up to practice working together, have traded partners many times to see who feels comfy with whom, and the Canine Angels staff members will have a good idea of which students and dogs will work best together. By the end of the first week, the dogs will be going on sleep-overs with their new families to see how nights away from class go.


Before they know it, the Class of 2014 will have accomplished so much, ranging from written exams, outings to stores and restaurants, and an official public access test to prove that they've learned enough to become official assistance dog teams. The day before Graduation, the dogs will be reunited with their volunteer puppy raiser families, who selflessly gave so much of their time, love and financial support. Tears of joy and pride will flow all around. The puppy raiser families will finally get to truly understand why they've given so much and let their amazing puppies go...because there are very special children who deserve these dogs and this life-changing gift.


Canine Angels' Graduation will take place on Saturday, June 28th. Our event is open to the public, and is one you'll never forget. We hope you will join us to Celebrate the Journey of our nine graduating teams of 2014.


Thank you for your support,
The Canine Angels Team
3rd Annual "Countdown to Graduation" Raffle

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The Car Litter
Introducing The Car Litter! The newest members of the Canine Angels family came into the world on May 18th. Eight healthy puppies were born to our breeder momma, Sunshine (a black Labrador) . Their dad (a Golden Retriever) is from Canine Companions for Independence. Seven pups will stay with us and one will be raised for Canine Companions. The pups will get their names when they are assigned to their volunteer puppy raiser families (the families get to pick!), so stay tuned to hear their raisers' great car-themed choices and follow their journey.


A tremendous thank you to Mr. Philip Leone and Premier Nissan of San Jose for supporting The Car Litter!  We are also grateful to Joey and Cathy Davalos and Mary Delaney for taking care of Sunshine and her pups for the first two months of their lives and giving them a wonderful foundation to build upon.

The Coffee Litter

Welcome to The Coffee Litter! Bear River Doodles has donated four Goldendoodle puppies and long-time puppy raisers Kent Rasmussen and Sharon Illions have purchased and donated a fifth littermate to Canine Angels. All 7 pups in the litter are shown in the photos. These pups just turned 5 months old and we are excited to see them grow into wonderful companions for very special kids. Thank you Bear River Doodles and Kent & Sharon, and congratulations to the volunteer puppy raiser families of these pups:


Lynne Evans with Maxwell House
Jamie Putnam with Nell
Nancy Kuwabara with Dunkin'
Kent Rasmussen and Sharon Illions with Java
Sheila Kolby with Kona
Thank You Troop 2207

For their Bronze Award project, Girl Scout Troop 2207 from San Juan Capistrano,California hand-made beds for our Canine Angels dogs. Thirteen beds were presented to our program by the girls this week at Mission Basilica School. Thank you, girls! Our dogs will surely enjoy their new, super soft beds, and will have very sweet dreams.
CAST Facility Dogs
Did you know that Canine Angels provides Facility Dogs for adults who have clients or students with special needs? This year, we will celebrate the placement of three Facility Dogs. Over their careers, these dogs will impact the lives of thousands of people. If you missed our recent mailing about Izzy, one of our seasoned Facility Dogs, you can read it here.